International Yoga Day 2024: 6 Desi Post-Yoga Drinks
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Yoga is a form of art and a discipline that not just has a positive impact on the body, but also instantly transforms the mind. One starts feeling a lot better and witnesses a myriad of positive changes in the body of a person. Yoga is more of a lifestyle that also teaches a person how to inculcate good eating habits, and sleeping patterns and maintain optimum mental health in life.

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This year on the occasion of International Yoga Day, everyone should try indulging in a yoga session for at least half an hour. Although yoga is not so physically strenuous, one would feel a little drained out after doing yoga, specifically the ones who will be doing it for the first time. To instantly rejuvenate the body, here are some hydrating drinks that will instantly make a person feel better.

Image Credits: Unsplash

* Aam Panna

This is the season of mangoes, and it is only fair that a person makes full use of mangoes in whatever way possible. Aam panna is a very famous Indian drink that is made from the pulp of mangoes and is a little thicker than regular juices. Not only does it help beat the heat, but it is also a source of great hydration and instantly makes a person feel better. Aam panna is made by mixing mango pulp, with some black salt, roasted jeera, and fennel seeds to give a tantalising taste to the drink. It is really good for the digestive system and makes one feel instantly better.

* Chaas

Chaas or buttermilk is a classic Indian drink that is widely consumed during summers. It is made after diluting curd and adding some water to it. Chaas also has some roasted cumin seeds, black pepper, salt and black salt. Curd is really good for the gut especially during summer as it helps in curing the problem of inflammation and consists of a lot of good bacteria that help in alleviating any digestive discomfort. The best part is that this replenishing beverage gets prepared in almost no time. 

* Nimbu Paani

Nimbu paani is another great source of hydration and is made by mixing lemon juice with water, a little bit of sugar and some spices, such as black pepper, salt, black salt, and chaat masala. Nimbu paani is not just a great source of hydration but because of the presence of lemon juice. It also provides a lot of antioxidants and vitamins to the body of a person. The sugar present in the nimbu paani ensures electrolyte balance in the body. Hence, it is great for someone who wants to drink something light that is close to water but a little bit more flavourful.

* Coconut Water

Coconut water requires minimum effort as one has to simply source the coconut and put it in a glass before drinking it. Coconut water is widely consumed around the country as it is an energy booster and a great alternative to the sugary drinks available in the market. It also helps in smoothing the process of digestion and also detoxifies the body from any alien elements that might be present. One can also make different types of mocktails with the help of coconut water to make them more interesting.

* Bael Ka Sharbat

Bael ka sharbat is a special summer drink in India that is made from wooden apples. One will find it being sold on the street sides very often as it is quite hydrating and instantly makes a person feel better when they are feeling dehydrated. Bael ka sharbat is also quite easy to make at home as wood apples are naturally sweet so one doesn't have to necessarily add any source of sweetness into the drink. Add the pulp of wood apples to the food processor with a little bit of water. Mix everything very well and strain the mixture before serving it with lots of ice cubes.

* Amla Juice

Amla or Indian gooseberries are a great source of antioxidants and multiple vitamins. Amla is really good for the health of hair, eyesight, nails, and skin. Also, the presence of so many antioxidants makes it a great source of replenishing the body after an exhausting yoga session. One can try making amla juice by mixing some seasonal vegetables such as bottled gourd, ash gourd, tomatoes, and any other vegetable that they would like to add to make a flavour, full juice. For sweetness, one can add a little bit of jaggery powder.