International Sushi Day: 6 Fusion Sushi Recipes To Try
Image Credit: iStock, There are a plethora of fusion sushi recipes that you ought to try.

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy that has become pretty famous across the world over the years. Authentic Japanese restaurants serve a variety of sushi, ranging from fish to chicken and pork sushi. For the unversed, sushi is a traditional delicacy made of rice, raw vegetables and meat, wrapped in a layer of seaweed called nori. This is then gently dunked in soy sauce and some wasabi and relished. While the art of preparing sushi is no cakewalk, even ordering the right kind of sushi and eating it the right way has certain tips and tricks attached to it. 

Introduced to Japan in the 9th century, the practice of eating sushi became prevalent with the spread of Buddhism. It is said that consuming meat was not encouraged in Buddhism due to which the people resorted to fish. Although Japan is known as the sushi capital, you would be amazed to know that the predecessor of the sushi of today was narezushi. It was a Chinese dish was which comprised of salted fish wrapped in fermented rice. The rice was used to preserve the fish and removed once it had to be eaten. 

With the advent of globalization and the intermingling of cultures, the lines of distinction started blurring. Today, we have adapted the flavours of the West pretty well in our cuisine and have readily welcomed the delicacies of others too. For instance, the makeover we have given to Chinese food and made it our own desi Chinese is proof. The craze of K-pop and BTS is no stranger to the Indian audience. Apart from crushing over the band and K-dramas, a lot of people have been gorging on the kimbaps and bibimbaps time and again too. 

What if we tell you that you could experiment with your typical sushi and create something even more interesting? Yes, we’ve dug out some fusion sushi recipes for your taste buds. 

1. Fruity Summer Sushi 

Summers call for a lighter affair when it comes to food. We look for some refreshing recipes and this fruit sushi is just perfect for that. Tossed in coconut milk and wrapped with desiccated coconut, the sushi rice is stuffed with colourful fruits and garnished with chopped nuts. Drizzle some chocolate if you like and enjoy International Sushi Day. From kiwis to pineapples and strawberries, anything can be rolled into a sushi. 

2. Cucumber Sushi Roll 

Replace seaweed with finely sliced cucumbers and use them as layers to wrap around the veggies. Dash some cream cheese on it and a refreshing and gluten-free starter is ready to be served. this cucumber sushi roll is easy to eat and has a refreshing flavour, with the coolness of cucumbers and crunchiness of carrots stuffed in it. 

3. Chicken Biryani Sushi Rolls 

Combining the love of one nation with another is nothing short of a treat. Chicken biryani in a sushi, never thought that could be possible? Wrapped in seaweed, the sushi rice is infused with the biryani spices that lend it a beautiful colour and aroma. Not just the rice, you will also find bits of succulent chicken pieces dunked into the sushi rolls once you take the first bite. 

4. Totoro Inari Sushi 

These cute sushi pockets will melt your heart at once. The tofu is deep-fried and shaped into a bunny-like face. The hollow part of the tofu is used to stuff vinegared rice and the sushi is served with soy sauce and dashi. It is a crispy twist to the soft and moist sushi that you usually have. 

5. Rainbow Sushi Roll

If the plate is colourful, no one can say no, can they? This rainbow recipe brings together all the colours of the rainbow in one sushi roll. For the orangish colour, you have mangoes, the pinkish touch is brought about by salmon while cucumber and avocado fill in for the greens. All of this is rolled together and each layer gets highlighted with a different colour. 

6. Candy Sushi 

If you’re bored of having savoury sushis, why don’t you try this sweet version? A sushi that you can also have for dessert, this candy sushi comes packed with huge marshmallows and strawberries in it. Cherries are stuffed in this rice cereal sushi and wrapped together with a candy-like green fruit roll ups. 

Sushi lovers are surely in for a treat today!