Instant Pineapple Squash: A Fresh, Healthy Morning Refresher
Image Credit: Udupi-Recipes/YouTube

Pineapple squash or extract is one of the easiest to prepare. The fruit’s puree is mixed with sugar and water, boiled till ready and can be stored for up to a month – under refrigeration. The fruit is naturally rich in Vitamin C and manganese and packed with enzymes which provide protection from inflammation. The fruit can be eaten raw, baked or grilled. The pineapple flavour is an all-time favourite in cakes, pastries, tarts and cupcakes giving serious competition to other loved flavours like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. 

Pineapple is believed to have originated in the Brazilian rainforests. From there they were taken to South and Central Americas. However, archaeological evidence suggests that the fruit was first harvested and cultivated in 1200-800 BC in Peru and 200-700 AD in Mexico. Called Pina in Spain because of its resemblance to a pinecone, the citrus fruit is referred to as Pineapple in England and ‘ananas’ in other languages including Hindi. It now available and consumed worldwide though the top three pineapple producers are Philippines, Costa Rica and Brazil. 

The Arawaks, upon their migration to the Caribbean Islands from South America, took with them what is now known as the official fruit of Antigua - the Black Pineapple. It is said to be the world’s sweetest variety of pineapple. 


  • 1 pineapple cleaned, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup sugar 
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice


  • Take the pineapple, wash thoroughly, peel and chop into small chunks  
  • Blend to a fine puree
  • Sieve/strain the juice, squeeze out the puree well 
  • In a wok pour half a cup of water 
  • Add the sugar, bring to a boil cooking on a low flame
  • Once it starts bubbling, stir well and cook till it has one string consistency 
  • Pour in the pineapple juice, mix and boil for 10 minutes
  • As it boils, the impurities will come to the top. Keep removing them with a spoon while continuing to cook
  • The squash will get cleaned up
  • Let it cool down   
  • Add the lemon juice 
  • Store in an air-tight bottle

To serve: Take 2 tbsp of squash in a glass or tumbler, add water, a sprig of mint, and ice cubes and mix well. It's ready to serve. 

These fruits are rich in flavonoids and phenolic acids, which are nothing but anti-oxidants known for protecting the body cells from free radicals that cause chronic ailments. The fibre in the fruit keeps one satiated and feeling full and can also take care of your sweet cravings. It is considered healthy even if had every day. It is known to improve digestion, and immunity and aid in post-operative care as well. Try it, enjoy it.