Slurrrp! Here Are 5 Yummy Squash Ideas For Summer
Image Credit: Photo: Jaqueline Pelzer

Can we go without a daily glass of thirst-quencher which is known as squash by Indians? 
Apparently not. So here we have listed a few delicious squash ideas. Well, after a hectic day at work, don’t we all just want to lay back, treat ourselves to delicious flavourful drinks, and be in a more relaxed state of mind?While Roohafza and khus sharbat have their own place, drinking fruit is such a classic way to say hello to summers! 
Perhaps you can make these tasty drinks at home by making your own syrups too. That way, you’d be able to ensure that you’re not putting in a lot of sugar, and this would help to keep your health in check while you can savour the fruitiness! But if you like the store-bought option, we should mention that ready-made syrups are loaded with sugar, so one doesn’t need to add any more sweetness to it… 
Here we list 5 of the oh-so-good squashes. 
This drink is for those who love reminders of sunshine, beaches and the slow island life. The taste takes you away on a beach far, far away! 

 Photo: Olivier Guillard
One of the classics which everyone has been gushing on and on about since they were little. We just cannot get enough of the energetic orange colour, but drinking orange squash also brings a warmth along, right? 

The king of fruits — the juicy, delicious mango. Slurrrrp! The best part is that mango squash comes so close to remind you of mango nectar. 

Photo: Sam Hojati
Lychee squash would remind you of a delectable combination of lemon and berries. It is sort of tarty, and sort of sweet. Definitely drink this on a hot day. 

Photo: Chinh Le Duc
Maybe you’ll fall in love with grape squash before you fall in love with wine. That colour, though!

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a glass of squash!