Inside Chef Gary Mehigan’s Tryst With Madurai’s Street Food
Image Credit: Instagram/Unsplash

Gary Mehigan, the acclaimed Australian chef, wears many hats. While he's most recognized as a distinguished judge on a renowned cooking reality show, he's also a prolific cookbook author and a proud owner of a flourishing chain of restaurants in Australia. The chef is currently in India conducting a series of masterclasses, the last one being with chef Saransh Goila in Hyderabad, as part of the former’s unique series called “Indian Stories with Gary & Friends”. However, post wrapping up the masterclass and before bidding adieu to India, the world-renowned chef headed to the streets of Madurai to try some delicious street food like dosai, vadai, and more! 

Gary's gastronomic adventure began with a bite of the scrumptious Special Ravai Dosai (semolina pancake) at Meenakshi Bhavan. The crispy dosais, skillfully torn into bite-sized chunks and paired with heavenly chutney, had him smitten in an instant. 

Next up, he made a pit stop at a nearby food cart near Sarveswarar Temple, where he was blown away by their delectable offering - the Mullu Murungai Vadai - a savory treat made of rice and Murungai leaves, served with a fiery blend of chili powder and pepper. 

And, as if that wasn't enough, Gary's culinary tour took a sweet turn with the Raagi or Semolina Vadai - a delectable dessert that tantalized his taste buds with its delicate sweetness and tiny bits of onions scattered throughout. 

However, Krishnan Mess at Theppakulam left a lasting impression on Gary Mehigan with its succulent Kola Urundai (mutton meatball) and fluffy, crispy Parotta. Captivated by the skilled vendor's effortless kneading technique, he even shared a video on his Instagram which showcases how the parottas are made from scratch.  

Moving on to the next course, Gary savoured the delectable Nalli Chops (goat thigh curry), the juicy Nenju Chops (goat ribs), and the flavourful Kudal Varuval (goat intestine) that were nothing short of heavenly. Along with the video of parotta-making, Gary also shared pictures of all the dishes he savoured. Take a look at some of the pictures he shared: 

The comments section of Gary's posts was abuzz with enthusiastic recommendations for the must-try dishes and eateries in Madurai. From the tantalizing Madura chicken to the iconic Jigarthanda, people suggested a plethora of options that would have surely piqued Gary's interest. It seems like his culinary journey has only just begun, and a return to India may be inevitable to taste all that this vibrant city has to offer.