Tips By Chef Saransh Goila To Make The Perfect ‘Makai Ki Roti’

Winter is here and so is the season of our beloved makki ki roti. If you are thinking that makki ki roti and sarson ka saag is just eaten in Punjab, you are wrong. This delicacy is also eaten in other parts of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Haryana. Though, the charm it spreads remains the same. Those who love this delight, know that it is not an easy task to make this roti with perfection. Right from kneading the dough to cooking it, every step has to be done with utmost carefulness.  

Chef Saransh Goila has once again made it easier for us. Recently, he took to Instagram and shared some ‘ghar ki tips’ to ace the art of making the perfect makai ki roti. He wrote ‘Makai ki Roti season is here!!! Have you had your first saag and makai roti this season? Winters are truly delishaas with these two️. Hope you enjoyed this Ghar ka tips to make loads of makai roti’. So, are you ready to know these tips? Have a look.  

Tip 1 

Always use warm water to knead the dough for makai ki roti. If you are taking 2 cups of makai flour, you must add one cup of warm water. After adding the flour, mix it so that it comes together and let it stay like that for 10 minutes before kneading. 

Tip 2 

After 10 minutes, knead the dough properly. You can add 3 tbsp grated radish as it will enhance the roti’s taste even more. 

Tip 3 

When done, make small balls and wet them in water. Flatten them a little using your hands and put them into a Ziplock bag. Roll them. This will prevent the roti flour from sticking and will help in making flawless rotis. 

Tip 4 

After it's done, start cooking the rotis on a hot tawa. Splash some water on rotis while cooking as it will keep the rotis soft. Finish the rotis with some ghee and enjoy!!! Use these tips and see if your makai ki roti has turned out to be even better.  

I know what you are thinking. If there is makai ki roti, there has to be sarson ka saag. Right? Don’t worry. We’ve got a recipe for that too. Follow the detailed recipe below and enjoy the most delicious winter food. Let us know if you liked these tips.