Indori Poha's Journey: The Staple Breakfast Pride Of The City
Image Credit: Instagram/born_for_indian_food

Poha could be the easiest and most convenient breakfasts you can ever have. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, poha just hits the post. Besides, poha is very easy to make. All you need is to soak the poha and cook it with veggies like onion, potato and spices. You may not know that poha also finds its mention in Mahabharat. Yes, poha is the same humble grain which was offered by Sudama to his dear childhood friend Krishna.

Whenever we talk about poha, Indori Poha definitely comes to our mind, isn’t it? It is believed that poha was created in Maharashtra but how did this breakfast reach Madhya Pradesh’s Indore and become the city’s pride? 

Video Credits: Youtube/Your Food Lab

Well, if this question comes to your mind too, you have come to the right place. Indore is synonymous with poha and people who visit Indore for the first time, never miss on tasting this delight. Since so many years, Indori Poha has a huge fan base that has growing by each passing day. Thanks to the distinct spices, toppings and preparation method, Indori Poha is special but what brought it to Indore? 

If some food experts are to be believed, poha originated in Maharashtra and under the regime of Scindias and Holkars, this humble dish gained quite a lot of popularity. When those rulers came to Madhya Pradesh, they brought along some recipes like that of shrikhand, poha etc. This is interesting!! 

If you have had Indori Poha even once, you know it is different from the Maharashtrian Poha. It is because of the spices, toppings and a different but special method of cooking. While the poha in Maharashtra is generally served with chopped onion, tomatoes and spices, Indori Poha is topped with the world famous Indori sev. This Indori namkeen not only gives a distinct flavour but texture to this famous breakfast staple. 

So, next time whenever you visit Indore, do not forget to have this poha which will not only give you a glimpse of a rich history but will also show the magic of some vibrant Indori flavours.