Indian-Style Pizzas Take Over: Desi Toppings Meet Italian Pie
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India is known to be a home to diverse cultures and traditions, and when it comes to food, our country has welcomed the cuisines from across the world with an open heart. Apart from the traditional Indian food, people here are huge fans of a variety of foreign dishes. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and Mexican cuisines are rapidly gaining popularity across the country. Burritos, chow mein, pizza, burgers, and pasta have become an essential part of any Indian restaurant’s menu. 

But the best thing is that we have given a desi touch to all these dishes according to the Indian palate with spices, herbs, and veggies to make them our own. These desi-style recipes are even more popular than the authentic dishes in our country. The best example is Italian pizza. It typically has a flattened bread base that is topped with sauce, cheese, and various other ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, and herbs. We have completely modified the dish with our ingredients. From using ragi and whole wheat for the base to adding paneer and mushrooms to the toppings, each part of pizza has an Indian flavour. The demand for these improvised pizzas is very high, and the experimentation is still going on. 

If you are also planning to treat your loved ones with homemade pizza, here are five Indian-style recipes you can prepare in your kitchen: 

Paneer Cheese Pizza 

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Made with a crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, and generous toppings of soft, creamy paneer cheese, this pizza is a perfect example of a delectable Italian and Indian fusion. The use of aromatic spices and fresh herbs such as cumin, garam masala, and basil adds an exotic twist to the classic pizza, making it a perfect choice for those looking to try something new and delicious. 

Tandoori Chicken Pizza  

This non-vegetarian delight is made with mouth-watering chicken spiced with tandoori masala. This version of the Italian delicacy is very popular, and once you eat it, you cannot stop at one slice. Just spread the tomato sauce, cheese, and cooked tandoori chicken evenly over the dough and bake the pizza for fifteen minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is melted and bubbly. Once done, remove it from the oven, sprinkle finely chopped coriander on top, and enjoy. You can also make a vegetarian version of this dish for yourself by replacing the chicken with mushrooms or paneer. 

Kebab Pizza  

Kebab pizza is another popular variation of the delicacy that combines Indian flavours with Italian cuisine. This pizza typically consists of a thin crust that is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and sliced kebab meat, which is usually made from lamb or chicken. You can also use onions, tomatoes, and a creamy garlic sauce to enhance the flavour. 

Naan Pizza 

Naan pizza is a delicious and easy-to-make alternative to traditional pizza. It uses naan bread as the base instead of traditional pizza dough, which adds a uniquely Indian touch to the flavour and texture. Naan is usually thinner, softer, and more tender than pizza dough, making it a great choice for a quick and easy meal. Toppings for naan pizza can range from classic tomato sauce and cheese to more creative options like chicken tikka, mushrooms, or paneer. 

Chicken Tikka Pizza 

Chicken tikka is not only a dish; it's an emotion for Indians, and combining it with pizza can give a blasting result. It is impossible for any non-vegetarian pizza lover to say no to this version of pizza. In order to make chicken tikka pizza, spread a layer of pizza sauce on a pre-baked pizza crust and top it with mozzarella cheese, sliced onions, bell peppers, and the cooked chicken tikka. Bake it until the cheese is melted. Garnish with fresh cilantro and serve.