Flavours Of Fun: 4 Indian Street Famous For Food
Image Credit: Flavours Of Fun

The vastness of India lies in food, culture and tradition. What attracts most is the variety of food that the country gets to see, and our street food has always been culinary treats. Street foods are ready to eat and primarily sold in public spots like stalls or markets. So be it whichever city you are visiting, it’s just that the city will have a street food hub. So let’s explore the variety of food streets these four metros have to offer.

Khau Galli, Mumbai

This street food of Mumbai is famous all over the world. There are multiple places where more than one street food is available, but if you are crazy about varieties of street foods, reach Khau Galli ASAP. Apart from pav bhaji, aloo tikka, here you will get a chance to taste ice cream dosa and numerous types of sandwiches. Apart from this, you will also get an opportunity to taste several unusual dishes that you may not have tried yet.

Paranthe Wali Gali, Delhi

Are you aware of this 'Delhi wali Gali' renowned for its delicious parathas? Located in Old Delhi, this street is famous all over India for multiple street foods along with desi ghee parathas. Do you know this gali offers more than 50 varieties of parathas? So if you reside in Delhi or planning to visit the city, reach this city to taste the best street food. 

Zakaria Street, Kolkata

If visiting Kolkata, you must not miss the Zakaria Street of Kolkata as you'll get the best street food here. This Zakaria's most famous street food is kathi rolls found in varieties and liked by the locals and tourists. Besides kathi rolls, telebhaja, and Bangladeshi, street food including velpuri, shingara, jhalmuri, and chanachur is also available here. 

Monteith Road, Chennai

Monteith Road is known as Chennai's food street and has excellent options. We recommend cheese toast, chilli toast, chicken toast and veg sandwich, which you can get at just for rupees 8. So even if you don’t have space, you can probably gulp it down there.

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