This Khatti Dal Is Proof That Hyderabad Veg Fare Is Just As Good
Image Credit: This Khatti Dal Will Make You Sit Up And Take Notice Of Hyderabad’s Veg Fare

The Indian cuisine is so varied, that it is often a task to list out its salient features. Whatever is a hit in east, may have no parallel in the west and vice versa, but dal is something you would most certainly find across, almost all regions of India. Be it the black urad or the Dal Makhani or the tuvar dal of Sambar, India has a rich repository of dals and even richer and more diverse dal-based delicacies. Khatti Dal is one such Hyderabadi delights that you must try once. Now we know that the Nizams' erstwhile capital is perhaps best known for its hot biryani. A one-of-a-kind truly, since here the chicken, rice and masalas are all cooked together and not separately. Haleem, where meat and dal are slow-cooked until it becomes a porridge-like dish is another beloved dish of the region. 

But Hyderabadi cuisine is also one of the cuisines that treasure local and seasonal growth and produce. Take Tamarind, for instance, it is used freely across most South Indian dishes and Hyderabadi food is no exception. Tamarind or imli, adds an inimitable, sharp, tanginess to anything it is added to. This ‘sourness’ is something different from the one infused by raw mangoes or tomatoes, for it also comes with a tinge of sweetness. And this is what makes Hyderabadi Khatti Dal so special.

This dal is a lovely blend of tuvar dal, ginger, garlic, hing and tamarind. It is as tangy as it is savoury. A flavourful and comforting dish, this dal can be made in a matter of minutes, after you have boiled the dal nicely.

Typically, the dal is made with Tuvar, but you can maybe try using other kinds of pulse too. Here’s what you need to do. Take a cooker and add washed tuvar dal, onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic paste and red chilli powder. Add some water and close the lid. Let the dal cook until it is soft.  

Then is the time to season the dal. For this, you need to take a vessel and heat some oil. Add the cumin seeds to hot oil, let it splutter. Once it is spluttering add curry leaves. Sautee for a few minutes. Then add the dal mixture to the same pan. Add the tamarind pulp according to your liking. The more pulp you add, the more tangy your dal is. Bring the dal to boil, and then finally garnish it with chopped coriander leaves. If you eat eggs, you can also slip in a boiled egg in the dal to make it more wholesome, otherwise, it is good as it is.  

Serve the dal hot with steamed rice or any bread of your choice and enjoy this indulgent treat in the comfort of your own.  

Here is the complete recipe, try it out soon and we bet you will love every bit of it.