Indian Culinary Fares Using Raw Turmeric To Build Immunity
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The health benefits of turmeric or haldi are a proven fact. Using dry turmeric powder in cooking has been a prevalent practice in Indian cuisine. But do you know that this country has several culinary preparations that use raw turmeric? In this form, haldi works even better for nourishment and well-being. As winter sets in, our immunity plays a vital role in preventing diseases. It calls for ingredients such as raw turmeric, which grows during this period and is coincidentally known for its immune-modulatory properties. Curcumin and other bioactive components of turmeric have been shown in studies to be helpful in various illness situations by influencing the immune system. Inflammation is vital to the immune system's ability to combat infections, but it can lead to multiple health issues when it becomes chronic. Raw turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities that may help to prevent chronic inflammation and, as a result, such disorders. Its consumption may also aid in smoother digestion. 

So, let's learn a few Indian culinary fares using raw turmeric. Adding them to your diet can boost your immunity against the colder climatic temperature.

Hasi arisinada gojju 

Hasi arisinada gojju, Image Source: Sowmyarecipes@blogspot

Hasi arisinada gojju is a raw turmeric sauce. It is a Karnataka preparation. The ingredients for the recipe are raw turmeric, peppercorns, urad dal, sesame seeds, grated coconut, a little tamarind, sugar, and salt to taste. Raw turmeric is slightly roasted over an open flame. It is then combined with coconut, jaggery, and tempered spices and pounded into a paste. This gojju is served with steamed rice.

Manjal Thokku

Manjal Thokku is piquant and spicy chutney prepared with raw turmeric. In this recipe, raw turmeric, tomatoes and green chillies get pounded to a coarse paste. It is then tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilli powder, asafoetida and salt to taste and cooked at a simmer for nearly 30 minutes. And the final touch is given with a dry roasted fenugreek seeds powder. Once it cools down, store it in an air-tight container. Relish it with idli, dosa or plain rice. 

Haldi nu shaak

Winter is the season for fresh turmeric, and this herb is excellent for preventing and treating common colds and coughs. It is a Gujrati recipe for the dry preparation of vegetables with grated raw turmeric. In ghee, a generous amount of grated raw turmeric is sautéed. Onions are fried till golden. A concoction of curd spice powder is tempered with whole spices. Then the browned onions and sautéed grated turmeric are added and simmered until cooked. A plentiful amount of fresh coriander leaves goes as the final stage. It tastes great with roti.

Hasi arishinada sajjige

Raw turmeric halwa, Image Source: CookWithArifa@Youtube

Hasi arishinada sajjige is a Karnataka dish. It is a semolina-based porridge with raw turmeric aromas, colours, and nutrients. The recipe calls for soaking grated raw turmeric in milk. The semolina is roasted in ghee and boiled with water, just like the traditional halwa. The jaggery sweetens it, and the turmeric milk gives it a beautiful colour. The addition of roasted dry fruits makes it decadent, and cardamom powder infuses fragrance.