Ever Tried Turmeric Pickle? The Special Condiment From Rajasthan

Turmeric Pickle, also known as Haldi Ka Achar, is a specialty of Rajasthan and is created with fresh turmeric root known as kachcha haldi, lemon juice, and salt. It requires no oil and only three simple ingredients. Despite the fact that this recipe for turmeric pickles is tart, it pairs well with any dish and gives a dinner a sour flavour. Due to the distinctive natural colour it can provide any meal and the various nutritional advantages it offers, turmeric is always considered to be an essential spice in many recipes and cuisine in general. During the winter, a fresh turmeric pickle always enhances your lunch and keeps you healthy. 

This Turmeric Pickle is the easiest pickle to make because it requires no cooking and is made by just combining the ingredients. The fresh, raw turmeric roots just need to be prepared by being peeled, chopped, or sliced. Simply combine this with the salt, squeezed lemon juice, and oil in a sizable bowl or glass jar. Cover the jar and store the haldi ka achar in the fridge for six days. The pickle can now be served and stored in the refrigerator for roughly two months. 

You must give the jar a once-daily shake and refrigerate it for the following six days. To prevent the pickle from spoiling, the lemon juice must completely cover the turmeric. 


250 g of fresh, uncooked turmeric roots 

1 tsp salt, or more if necessary 

3 large lemons to provide around 1/2 cup of lemon juice, or more as necessary 


First, give the turmeric roots a thorough rinsing in water. Peel them, then cut them up into little pieces. This is very crucial. Avoid cutting them into big pieces. Lemon juice should be extracted and placed aside. Add the chopped turmeric, salt, and lemon juice to a non-reactive bowl. To blend evenly, stir. In a clean, sterilised jar, spoon. The jar should be sealed with its cover and kept in the fridge for six days. Frequently shake the jar. The pickle will be prepared for serving after six days. With any Indian dish, serve a very small amount of the turmeric pickle—about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon. In the refrigerator, this haldi ka achar lasts for about two months. 

Quick Tips 

If necessary, add more lemon juice. There should always be a coating of lemon juice on top of the pickle. 

As an alternative, mango ginger can be used in place of the turmeric roots in this recipe for turmeric pickle. Feel free to use some green chilies if you enjoy a little more heat in your pickles. 

However, you must be cautious since the turmeric will also stain your hands. Therefore, avoid using anything white (board or napkin). Additionally, stay away from wearing white. 

The Turmeric Pickle tastes good with meals and is great when eaten before meals to aid in digestion. 

Scale up the recipe to produce a slightly larger batch.