Independence Day 2023: Prepare Special Tricolour Breakfast Meal
Image Credit: Tiranga idli platter | Shutterstock

Our Independence Day is so much more than a national holiday. It is a reminder of all the sacrifices that our freedom fighters made and all the years of struggle that we as a nation undertook so that future generations could be free, happy, and independent. Today is a reminder that nothing comes above the unity and culture of our country. And a huge part of our culture is in our food. So, what better way to start the celebrations of Independence Day than to create a breakfast menu that represents all parts of India—North, South, East, and West?

Tricolour Paratha Platter

Start your patriotic breakfast with a visually stunning tricolour paratha platter. Add the saffron, white, and green shades of the Indian flag by crafting parathas infused with vibrant ingredients. Saffron-infused parathas can be made using a hint of the golden spice turmeric, white parathas with regular maida dough, and spinach parathas for the green element. Pair these with mint chutney, dahi, and pickles for a wholesome meal.

Tiranga Dhokla

Recipe - Papa Mummy Kitchen

For a light and satisfying option, come a little to the west of India and present your guests with Tiranga Dhokla. Create layers using gram flour, spinach, and carrot puree to mimic the Indian flag's colours. Steam each layer separately and assemble them to form a tri-colour stack. Serve with coconut, mint, and tangy tamarind chutney to enjoy the dish.

Teen-Ranga Khura

All the way from Arunachal Pradesh in the east, we have buckwheat pancakes called khura. Usually an earthy brown colour, you can add spinach and carrots to the batter to easily customise the dish according to your choice. The pancakes can be made sweet too by adding jaggery to them and infusing the colours of khura through saffron and pista instead.

Independence Day Idli Medley

Recipe - piku Ki pathshala

Travel a little towards the south, and the humble idli will be ready with an Independence Day twist. Prepare mini idlis using regular rice batter. Garnish them with grated carrots, paneer cubes, and saffron-infused coconut for the tricolour effect. Accompany with tomato-garlic, mint, and coconut chutneys to have the condiments in line with the main dish and create a beautiful platter!

Diverse Dessert

For something sweet, we turn to a dish that is made in different ways with different ingredients all over the country. Whether you are in the north, south, east, or west, every region has its own delicious halwa to go along with your tricolour breakfast. Prepare the rich rawa kesari halwa or gajar halwa for the saffron effect. Next, a delicious green gramme, or pista aata halwa, representing the lush green in our flag, and then the doodh-sooji halwa for pristine white. Your breakfast meal is ready!