The 75th Independence Day is just around the corner. India was a British colony for about 200 years. The city of Joy Kolkata, was the first pitstop of the British who arrived in the form of The East India Company, and slowly took siege over the country. Kolkata or Calcutta, was also the British India’s capital until the year 1911, when due to political and social unrest, the British were forced the move the capital to Delhi. Kolkata has been beacon of modern revolutionary thought, advancement and more. It has also been a foodie’s dream come true with many iconic eateries that are still very popular despite being more than a hundred years old. Here are some of our most favourite pre-independence eateries from Kolkata.

1. Flury’s

The tea house and confectionary has retained its old-world charm and how. The loyalist cannot stop raving about their indulgent desserts like the rum ball, the chocolate bakes and the classic English breakfast. Back in the day too, it was a favourite of both firanghees and Bengali babus. Founded by Swiss couple Mr and Mrs J Flurys in the year 1927, Flury’s is a must visit in Kolkata till now.


2. Nizam’s Restaurant

This is the restaurant that is often credited for the Kolkata Kathi Roll. Founded in 1932 by Raja Hassan Saheb. Before the advent of Kathir rolls, the restaurant was already very popular for its kebabs (chicken, mutton and beef) and other meaty delights. As per a popular legend, when a British official asked for something that he could eat at a go since he was in a rush, the chef wrapped his Kathi kebabs inside a paratha, and served the roll to the British man who loved it, soon the Kathi rolls became one of Nizam’s specialties. Now you can get Kathi rolls across every nook and cranny of the city, but remember where is all started.


3. Nahoum and Sons

Another iconic eatery which is now located in New Market, Kolkata was founded in the year 1902 by Nahoum Israel Mordeca, the classic confectionary is often pitted in an unfair battle with the Flury’s, but we say if you have a day to spare in Kolkata, visit them both. Nahoum’s vintage windows and furniture guarantee a pleasant time-travel. Its flavoured pastries, rum balls, fruit cakes, jam tarts and sweet toasts peeking at you from their old-timey showcases will make you ditch on your diet a hundred times over.

4. Indian Coffee House

The creaking doors, the heigh ceiling and snacks like samosa and cutlets on subsidized rates. There is a reason why Indian Coffee House holds its own despite the surge of more sophisticated cafes in the vicinity. A foot inside this lovely coffee shop will take you back to time. This is where many Bengali intellectuals and Freedom fighters like Rabindranath Tagore and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose would come to discuss their strategies with fellow patriots. The ICH walls have also been mute spectators of the founding discussions of Bangladeshi freedom movement of 1971.  


  5. Anadi Cabin

The cabin and coffee house culture of erstwhile Calcutta merits a whole chapter of its own. Anadi cabin has also been a preferred adda for Bengali foodies since the 1916, the modest eatery is always abuzz with very loud, talkative people. Their tables always filled with great food and even greater opinions. Some of the delish offerings would be Kosha Mangsho and Kabiraji cutlets.