In Crust We Trust; 6 Types Of Pizza Crusts That Taste Different
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Pizza, as we know it today, was invented as a flatbread initially in the Naples city of Italy. It came into existence in the 16th century and then slowly started evolving with time. As the dish became an instant hit in Italy because of the pervasive use of different types of toppings and making crusts using multiple recipes, it slowly started travelling to different countries as well. Fast food chains can be credited for the large-scale popularity of pizza throughout the world. 

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The main components of a pizza are the base of the pizza, cheese, and Italian herbs like chilli flakes, and oregano. Initially, people only knew about a medium-crust pan pizza. However, with time the concept of a thin crust and thick crust pizza also got introduced. Currently, there are more than 20 varieties of pizza crusts that one can easily find. In this article, one will get to know about all the most popular pizza crust varieties.

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* New York Style Crust

The New York-style pizza crust is famous for its pliable and easy-to-bend slices. These pizzas were invented for hassle-free and utensil-free eating purposes. The slices are generally very big and fulfilling so that any person on the go can just grab a slice of the pizza and have it as a meal. Mostly the New York-style pizza crust is made from a high gluten bread flour and that is the reason why it has a special texture. Many people confuse the New York-style crust with the Brooklyn-style crust. The only difference between the two is that the Brooklyn crust is a little crispier as compared to the New York-style crust.

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* California Pizza

California Pizza is a gastronomical reward for true pizza lovers who are not afraid of experimenting with traditional pizza toppings and recipes. The crust in a California pizza is flaky and very thin. It is characterised by the use of the most eccentric yet surprisingly delicious pizza toppings such as goat cheese, eggs, and mustard paste. There are no rules when one is making a California Pizza at home because the limits can be pushed to any extent.

* Greek Pizza

Greek pizza as the name suggests is a pizza that is native to Greece. It is a pan pizza that has a crust which is chewy and thick. The crust is so crunchy that it almost seems like it is deep-fried. However, when compared to other crusts on the list, this is a lot puffier and chewier. The Greek pizza crust is often accompanied by unconventional toppings and a very heavy tomato paste. Although the toppings are not as absurd as the California Pizza, they are a deviation from the conventional olives, feta, cheese, and red onion toppings.

* Neapolitan Pizza

The Neapolitan pizza was first made in the city of Naples in Italy back in the 1800s. Many people like to consider this pizza as the original Italian thin-crust pizza. The pizza crust is slightly crispy and very light. The dough for the Neapolitan pizza crust should be specifically kneaded with hands. The diameter of the pizza crust shouldn't be more than 35 cm and thickness should be ⅓ of a centimetre. Neapolitan pizza is always baked in a wood fire and domed oven. The marinara and a margarita pizza are a contemporary example of the Neapolitan pizza style. 

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* Deep Dish Pizza

The deep dish pizza is a very interesting and exquisite variety of pizza. The pizza looks like it's really heavy and cannot be finished in one sitting. However, it is a lot airy and lighter than most thick-crust pizzas. The dough of this pizza crust is first baked in a deep pan before adding the toppings. After adding toppings in cheese, it is then baked in the oven again. This creates a pastry-like pizza, which is layered and very toasty. The amount of cheese and toppings that this pizza can hold is a lot more substantial than other pizzas.

* Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is believed to have originated from the Motor City and is famous for its strikingly thick and crispy crust. The dough of the pizza crust is baked on either a rectangular or square pan. This helps in creating an outer layer that is caramelised and quite thick. The crust is very light and airy from the inside. This step provides a perfect balance of textures. However, what differentiates this pizza from the others is the fact the toppings are added in the reverse order. This means that one has to start with shredded cheese, followed by chicken, olives, or whatever one would like to add. The final step is to add tomato sauce before baking it in the oven