7 North Indian Summer Drinks That Never Fail To Impress
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It was only a week ago we were enjoying the pleasant spring breeze in Delhi, basking in the sun and going on picnics, and now suddenly the sun has decided to unleash its wrath. On the occasion of Holi, Delhi recorded its hottest day in March, since the year 1945, with the mercury soaring up to 36-degree C. Thankfully, my family and I had guzzled down enough glasses of Thandai to keep ourselves rejuvenated. Thandai is a North Indian summer drink where the milk is boiled with special Thandai masala often made with a combination of nuts, seeds and spices like almonds, cashew nuts, melon seeds, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, peppercorns, cardamom and saffron. While the Thandai masala can vary from household to household, the only rule is to serve it chilled. Thandai is one of the many North Indian summer coolers that help make the weather a tad more tolerable for us in the tropics.  

Here are some more Indian summer coolers that have our heart

Aam Panna

A sweet and tangy drink made with raw mango pulp that has been boiled with pudina, roasted cumin, mint leaves and black salt. Refreshing to bits, even good for your digestion.  


Popular across Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi, Kanji usually makes its appearance around Holi. It is a fermented drink made with water, black carrots, beetroot, mustard seeds and heeng. It has a lovely, refreshing sour taste.  


A tall glass of Lassi topped with thick malai is a Punjabi power-booster. It is made with the churning of yoghurt. Add sugar or any fruits of your choice to make a flavoured Lassi.  


Also known as Shikanji or Shikanjbeen. This fizzy cooler is a delightful combination of soda, lime juice, mint leaves, black salt and roasted cumin. Do not forget to add lots and lots of ice.  

Jamun Sharbat

Jamun or Malabar plum is a tarty Indian berry of deep purple colour. Replete with antioxidants, these berries are excellent for diabetics too. To make the sharbat of Jamun, remove the seeds and blend the pulp. Mix with water, black salt, ice lemon juice, palm jaggery and you are good to go.  

Imli Ka Amlana

It is common knowledge that most of Rajasthan are covered in the desert with limited vegetation, the temperature also soars during the day, coolers like Imli ka Amlana, made with tangy tamarind pulp, flavoured with spices like pepper, cardamom and black salt helps restore depleting energy levels.


Roohafza may have its roots in Persia, but summers in India are incomplete without this sweet, scented rose syrup. This rose syrup can be mixed with water and sugar for a simple Roohafza sharbat or can be used to add a lovely pink tinge and rose flavour to different desserts like Kulfi, Rabri et al