Ileana D’cruz Is Back In The Kitchen: Guess What She’s Cooking?
Image Credit: Ileana D'Cruz/Instagram, The actor loves to cook at home.

There are not many actors who you’d find in the kitchen, cooking a meal for themselves. But a few like Ileana take out the time from their hectic schedules to make something special for their loved ones. Although we’ve seen the actor creating magic on screen with her performances in Hindi and Telugu cinema, it is time to witness her expertise in cooking too.

Recently, Ileana shared a glimpse of her cooking stint in her Instagram stories and took us by surprise. This hidden talent was quite delightful to watch and must have been a delicious one to taste too, as the food she made looked lip-smacking. So, what did she cook? Well, there were two dishes that she made. One looked like a creamy chicken curry.

Doused in loads of cream, the chicken morsels were topped with fried onions and bay leaves. There was a half-cut lemon wedge to finish the dish. On this, she wrote, “Dinner”, and added, “Man I missed my kitchen and cooking”. While the meaty curry looked heavenly, next up was a decadent dessert that one cannot resist. Thick chunks of pudding, covered in a brown caramel sauce was her sweet dish of the day.  

On this, she wrote, “Sticky toffee pudding to finish”, and well we’d say that she did end on a sweet note. Looks like Ileana’s mid-week dinner was quite a treat and she enjoyed herself a lot. However, this is just one instance of Ileana’s foodie moments. This one time, the spectacular chef showed off her cooking skills during an AMA session on Instagram where she was asked if she can cook. She responded with a collage of all the drool-worthy food she’d made till date and said, “I think I managed pretty ok”.

Looking at all the great food she’s been making, we doubt that it is just an ok job that she’s doing. Along with satiating her cravings, she also manages to stay fit and active by following a proper diet regime, taking four to five meals a day and exercising regularly.