5 Kitchen Tools To Boost Your Efficiency While Cooking
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Cooking is an art and creating a masterpiece requires a lot of time and energy. And in this case, many tools and equipment as well. For a better outcome, it is vital to maintain an organised kitchen with just the most essential cookware kept at the right place. Pans, kadhai, bowl, ladle, and pressure cooker are among those things that play a very important role in the kitchen. However, we tend to overlook some of the other tools and appliances that we use on a daily basis. These can go a long way in increasing our efficiency in the kitchen. Here’s a curated list of those kitchen items. 

1. Masher 

While some may think it isn’t that necessary, a masher is used on a daily basis for not just vegetables but also for other ingredients. From a mashed potato to mashed vegetables, masher can help in getting a thick texture of a sabzi, much like that of pav bhaji. 

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2. Chopping Board 

A chopping board is as important as a good knife in the kitchen, but is hardly given any credit. A good chopping board not just gets you a good grip of what you are chopping, but also fastens the process. 

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3. Lemon Squeezer 

Besides deseeding the lemons properly before squeezing out the juice, the lemon squeezer also fastens the process and requires less effort. All you need to do is put one half of a lemon in a squeezer and squeeze out the juice completely.

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4. Garlic Press 

Did you know about garlic presses? Well, chopping garlic can be a time-consuming affair, and a tedious job. This is when garlic press comes to rescue as it helps you get finely chopped garlic in just no time.  


5. Oil Dispenser 

Most people struggle with pouring the right amount of oil into the wok or pan. So, to put an end to that, an oil dispenser with a narrow nozzle-like opening comes in handy.