IIT Roorkee Wins FSSAI’s ‘Eat Right Campus’ Award: Here’s Why
Image Credit: IIT Roorkee becomes the Eat Right Campus award winner this year by FSSAI.

Food safety and security is of utmost concern these days, especially as the world is returning to normal after the pandemic. Given the health crisis that we were grappling with amid the raging virus, it became imperative to shift focus and resources towards people’s well-being. And when it comes to health and well-being, food, of course, is the most important aspect. Looks like this college campus has been doing it the right way.

Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) awarded IIT Roorkee with the ‘Eat Right Campus’ award. This comes in the wake of increased need for cleanliness in colleges, workplaces, and other such public spaces. After a long audit during the month of August by a third party, the IIT campus scored 90 points in the final report.

There were several parameters on which the campus food and canteens were assessed. These included the quality of the food prepared, the way in which it is prepared, the serving methods, the sustainability of the food, the health of workers in the mess as well as the cleanliness standards of the surroundings where the food is made and served.

The campus received a five-star rating for its commendable efforts in providing good quality, clean and hygienic food to its students living on and off campus. Speaking on behalf of the campus, Prof Mukesh Kumar Barua reportedly said, “It is a matter of great pride not only for the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee but for the entire city of Roorkee that our IIT has achieved a five-star rating.”

The vision behind this Eat Right Campus initiative by FSSAI was to increase awareness and encourage the public institutes, hospitals, workplaces, etc., to ensure that food safety and quality standards are met and the public is provided with adequate nutrition by making environment-friendly food choices.