Emerging Healthy Eating Habits Post Pandemic
Image Credit: Healthy eating habits

COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the country. But one thing that this pandemic made us realize was the importance of adapting healthy eating practices. Not only does it nourish the body but ensures wellness in the long run. Pandemic has infused a sense of attentiveness towards the food we eat. It has inculcated the habit of prioritizing a healthy diet over junk among people and pushed them towards a better lifestyle. 


We can see several changes in the food habits of people post-pandemic. What are they? Let us have a look 


  • Increasing popularity of Plant-based meals
It took a global crisis and several lockdowns for people to realize the need of getting rid of poor eating habits. It surely made all of us rethink about the food we were having and what we actually should. Health and wellness go hand-in-hand and this was being highly compromised by most of us. But the pandemic did lead to some massive changes. One of them was popularizing vegan and plant-based food. Several pocket-friendly plant-based food items are available in the market but their demand has skyrocketed after the pandemic since more people have shifted from animal-based diet to plant-based diet.


  • Inclination towards Ready-to-eat meal
Another habit infused in a majority of people during the pandemic was preferring ready-to-eat meal. The pandemic had led to times when people were forced to store food. Sometimes people didn’t get all the ingredients they were looking for while sometimes they craved delicacies that they could have easily found on the corner of their street. Even after the pandemic, many have made the ready-to-eat meal a part of their daily routine. Even some brands have started introducing new food items in ready-to-eat sort. 


  • Baking became a trend
Baking cakes and cookies had become a trend during the pandemic. While some learned baking at that time, some polished their skills. Many new home bakeries and cafes came into existence during the pandemic. Moreover, the demand for ovens and microwaves increased rapidly. Though the pandemic is over, there are many people who still prefer baking cake or cookies in their homes.  

  • More attention to homecooked meal
Our lives had come to a standstill in the pandemic and we were confined to the four walls. Even when the lockdown was lifted, people were reluctant to step out of their homes. Offices had switched to remote working and everybody was having only their Ghar ka Khana. But now when things have gotten back to normal, people still prefer carrying their Ghar ka Khana, if they have a chance, rather than eating in restaurants. Interestingly, the demand for homecooked food and tiffins has increased post-pandemic. 

  • Switching to Healthy Snacks
We were always aware of the healthier snack options available in the market but still, we stuck to those food items that were poison for us. However, during and even after the pandemic, the craze of people toward healthy and baked snacks has significantly increased. From fried chips, people have shifted to protein bars, dry fruits, and even gluten-free food items.  
Though it took us some time to adapt these healthier and more beneficial eating habits, it is never too late. We have ample healthier substitutes available in the market and we should switch to them without even thinking twice. Nobody knows what is coming ahead but precautions are always than cure.