IIT-B Allots ‘Vegetarians Only’ Tables After Discrimination Row
Image Credit: iitb-wustl.org

When concerns were raised by the students of IIT-Bombay in the month of July, about twelve posters in the canteen hostel suggesting a discrimination in the students’ eating habits, concerns were raised after the photos went viral on social media. Diners identifying themselves as vegetarian took matters into their own hands as the posters excluded other students who weren’t from eating in the same space.

This action of declaring ‘Only vegetarians allowed to sit here’ was highly condemned by the Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle (APPSC), following which the Mess Council has caved in and assigned six tables in the common canteen of three hostels for vegetarian students. The action in question was put into motion after emails complaining about the health hazards from smelling non-vegetarian food, were raised.

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As part of a request which was raised in the same email, specific tables allotted to its vegetarian diners were primary, ‘to create a more inclusive environment.’ The council has also issued a mandate regarding any violations, should any of the students decide not to comply; as a result of which penalties might be imposed. The students of hostel 12, 13 and 14 were also sent an email by the Mess Council sharing that the goal is to maintain dining facilities in harmony, while also stating that the reserved tables will be marked accordingly. This action also follows rumours that suggest discrimination in the student canteens about circular plates being reserved for vegetarians and rectangular ones for those who aren’t.