Leftover Chashni? 5 Methods To Use The Sugar Syrup
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'Did you throw away the chashni? Yes, I threw it. What? Did you know it could be reused?' This was one of my recent conversations with mom. Further, my mother told me that people usually throw away the sugar syrup (chashni) of gulab jamun, jalebi or rasgulla during festivals because they feel it no longer can be used. So if you are also making the same mistake, stop for a while and read this article carefully. Today, we'll tell you how you can reuse the remaining sugar syrup of sweets. So here are those five ways.

How to use it in pancakes?

Are you planning to bake some pancakes? Then use the remaining chashni and not the sugar. Next, add wheat flour and banana in the remaining sugar syrup and mash it well. After smashing, enjoy the delicious dish by making pancakes.

Use chashni in the shahi pulao

If you are making shahi pulao, you can use sugar syrup here. To make this, soak the rice in sugar syrup for some time and, after a while, boil them. After cooking, you can also serve it by adding nuts or spices on top of the shahi pulao.

Balushahi, shakarpara and shahi tukda

You can also use the remaining sugar syrup while making balushahi and shakkarpare. You can easily make this dessert by adding chashni instead of sugar in both sweets. Similarly, you can use it in shahi tukda also.

Let's make powder of sugar syrup

The first thing you can do with the remaining chashni is making sugar powder and preserve it. Keep the sugar syrup to dry in the sun; when it dries, keep it in the form of a powder so that you can use it again.

Do you want to try some puran poli?

If you plan to make puran poli, you can surely use the remaining chashni. While making puran, cook the sugar syrup in the chana dal and make puran poli by filling it in the kneaded dough or maida. 

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