How To Use Induction Cooktop For Safe And Efficient Cooking
Image Credit: Glen's Induction Cooktop

With modern kitchens taking over, millions of people have got over gas stoves and shifted to modern induction cooktops. Not because these are a part of modern cooking technology, but they are much safer and energy efficient. Induction cooktops are praised for their fast heating and their precision in providing the right temperature. If you are looking to buy an efficient and energy-saving induction cooktop any time soon, you must try Glen’s Induction Cooktop.

Glen’s induction cooktop has a smooth touch control for easy usage and has sleek digital display. It comes with microcrystalline polished glass and advanced double ring coil which ensures powerful heating. Besides, it has 8 cooking functions I.e. Hotspot, Fry, Roti, Min., Soup, Water, Milk & Steam. It comes with 8 power setups ranging from 300 to 2000 W and has 240 minute timer. It uses 2000 W of power and has an auto cut-off facility after 60 seconds. It also comes with a warranty of one year. Isn’t it a great deal? Click Here To Buy!

Efficiency not just depends upon the appliance we use but also how we use it. Though induction cooktops are much safer and energy efficient as compared to gas stoves, here are some quick tips that can help you use this modern kitchen appliance even more efficiently. You can thank us later!

  • Always use the induction friendly cookware. It is advisable to keep the same size pots as the heating element in order to increase the energy efficiency of the induction cooktops. Besides, the vessels or pots being used should have a flat, smooth and undented surface as it will ease out the induction process.
  • The vessels, pots or cookware used on the induction cooktops should be clean as smudged and blackened surfaces may act as an obstacle in the process and would hamper the induction efficiency.
  • It is advisable to switch off the induction a few minutes before the said time while cooking. This will help the food to be cooked in its own steam and would save a lot of energy. Glen’s induction cooktops come with a facility of auto-cut off after 60 seconds.
  • To increase the efficiency of induction cooktops, it is advisable to choose faster cooking methods such as boiling and stir-frying. Long cooking methods should be avoided.
  • One should first keep the cookware on the induction cooktop and then switch it on. This will lead to less power wastage. The timer and preset menus in Glen’s induction cooktops are attractive as well as very helpful.

This guide will make your induction cooktop experience much easier. And when you are using Glen’s induction cooktop, you need not worry about anything. It comes with user-friendly properties and is budget-friendly too. Click here to buy!