Off-Beat Healthy Millet Dosas You Must Try
Image Credit: Glen's Electric Dosa Maker

Dosa has a separate fanbase and we cannot disagree on this. Not just dosas are a staple breakfast meal across India but qualifies to be a snack too. Light, crispy and crepe-like dosas are believed to have originated somewhere around the 5th century AD. If some food legends are to be believed, dosas were first mentioned in Tamil literature by Chalukya King Somesvara III in 1054 AD. Interesting, isn’t it?

Usually made up of a mixture of black gram and rice flour, dosa could be made in so many different types. And you know how can you make dosas easily? With Glen’s Electric Dosa Maker! Electric dosa maker from Glen helps in making oil-free dosas for a healthier lifestyle and provides a non-stick coating cooking plate which is easier to clean. Not just dosas, you can use this appliance in cooking parathas, chillas, crepes and even omeletes. These dosa makers have a variable temperature control which makes the perfect dosas and also, has a warranty of 2 years. What else do you want??

Since glen’s electric dosa makers promote healthy lifestyle, let us take you through some healthy millet dosas that you can make at home. Millets are great for health and lead to a sustainable approach towards the environment because of their ability to consume less water. Millets are pocket friendly and thus, something you should be eating. These off-beat dosas are easy, quick and full of nutrition. And when you have glen’s dosa maker, you don’t need anything else. Here you go!

                               Image: Glen's electric dosa maker

Bajra Dosa

Bajra, also known as pearl millet or kambu, is a tiny millet power packed ample health benefits. Bajra has a high content of iron, protein and several minerals. Made with a mixture of rice and bajra, these dosas make up for a nutritional breakfast. These dosas taste and look similar to the normal dosas but are much healthier.

Ragi Dosa

Finger millet or ragi is yet another millet that could turn out to be a boon for health. These dosas are loaded with iron and fiber and can battle several deficiencies in the body. If you are trying to lose weight, these dosas can work like magic as their high fiber content keeps stomach full for a longer time and keeps unwanted hunger alarms at bay.

                            Image: Ragi Dosa

Jowar Dosa

Jowar or what we know as sorghum millet, is a gluten-free grain power packed with so many minerals and nutrients. This is one such millet that can help in strengthening bones in adults as well as kids. It can lower the cholesterol levels in the body and promote good heart health. You can mix jowar flour with urad dal and make these healthy dosas with the help of Glen’s electric dosa maker. Click Here To Buy!

Kangni Dosa

Kangni or Kakum or Foxtail millet has so many nutrients stored and can-do wonders when it comes to promoting smooth digestion and good heart health. These millets can efficiently manage blood sugar levels and also help in weight loss. To make this healthy dosa, you just need Kangni millet. Not just it makes up for a nutritional breakfast but a healthy snack too.

So, what say? Did you know about these off-beat dosas and were you aware how versatile Glen’s electric dosa makers are? With so many facilities like non-stick cooking plates to variable temperature control, this dosa maker can help you get rid of that chaos of making dosas and will provide you a hassle-free experience. Don’t forget to BUY!