6 Ways To Effortlessly Use Bread Crumbs In Your Kitchen
Image Credit: bowlofdelicious.com

Bread crumbs are one of the most popular ingredients required while making fried dishes. It is the crumbled mixture made after crushing leftover bread. Have you noticed the different colours of bread crumbs, depending on the type of bread used? Although they're best utilised for recipes that need a crisp exterior coating like pakoras and flaky sticks, bread crumbs are also used to thicken gravies.  

Bread crumbs can be made at home. For that, you first need to break the leftover bread into pieces. Then, put it in a mixer and make a fine powder. After this, heat a spoonful of butter in a pan, put the bread crumbs powder in it and fry it for some time. After roasting, let it cool down and store in an air-tight container. There's also another way to make bread crumbs. First, put the leftover bread on a baking tray and keep it in the oven. After this, preheat the oven up to 200 degrees and roast the bread for some time. Now, put it in the mixer to make powder.

Here are six easy ways to use bread crumbs in your kitchen:

  1. Tikki: Before frying aloo tikkis, oats moong dal tikkis, cabbage tikkis, chana dal tikkis, etc., you can wrap them in bread crumbs for a yummy taste.
  2. Samosa: You can use bread crumbs to make samosas as well. Before deep-frying, dip the samosa into the bread crumbs to enhance its taste.
  3. Soup and curries: Add bread crumbs to enhance the flavour of the soup and paneer-based curries.
  4. Cakes: Garnish your cake with bread crumbs to give an attractive look and flavourful taste.
  5. Non-veg snacks: Use bread crumbs to make the chicken or mutton balls crispy and tasty.
  6. Fried rice: Spruce up your fried rice while roasting the spices by adding bread crumbs.