How To Remove Bugs From Rice
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Grain and pulse storage should take place in cool, dry areas and should be done in airtight containers. Nevertheless, despite taking all the necessary steps, you might have seen that bugs and insects were creeping within the rice, necessitating frequent cleaning and rinsing to remove them. Some people use artificial chemicals to prevent the bugs but that is not good for their health. But what if we told you there are a few straightforward steps you can take to guarantee your rice is bug-free? And trust us, the solution is right there in your kitchen cabinet!

Bay leaves or neem leaves

One of the finest methods for getting rid of beetles is this. To prevent infection, put bay or neem leaves inside containers holding loose rice. For best results, keep rice in an airtight container.' Either of these leaves can be used to remove the bugs.


They are readily available and aid in battling bugs to prevent infestation. Additionally, you can include a few drops of clove oil in the disinfectant you use to clean your pantry and cabinet shelves. They also keep the rice smelling fresh and aromatic.


As soon as you get rice home, it is suggested that you put it in the freezer. The weevils will all be eliminated as a result of this approach. In a few days, you can keep them at room temperature.


Fill the rice container to the brim with unpeeled garlic pods, and give it a good stir. When the pods become dry, replace them. And don't worry about the pungent smell, your grains won't have a strong odour.


Simply keep it in the sunlight if a lot of rice has been attacked by beetles. Bugs dislike sunlight and will seek for shady, damp areas to hide. Make sure to practise this as needed. Keep your grains in a dry and sunlit area.


It may sound strange, but matchbooks contain sulphur, which weevils do not like, therefore using them to ward off weevils is a brilliant idea. Weevils won't be present near the grains if the matchbox is kept open. Black pepper in little quantities can also be kept in your pantry.