Rice that is mushy or soggy has simply been overdone and absorbed too much water. The rice grains burst open as a result of excessive water absorption, altering the texture and resulting in a starchy, gummy product.

How to fix mushy rice

Heat it in the oven

If the rice is only slightly overdone and the texture is still largely intact, try soaking it in a colander or fine-mesh strainer to remove any excess water before spreading it out as evenly as you can on a baking sheet. After that, warm it for roughly five minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. Reheating the rice might dry it out sufficiently to provide the desired texture.

Drain and try the stove top again

Try draining and rinsing the rice, then reheat it on the stovetop to cook off some of the moisture if it's just a bit overcooked but not too starchy.

Use a piece of bread

If the rice has a reasonable amount of extra water, cover the pot with stale bread, and let the rice continue to cook on low heat rather than draining it. The bread ought to start soaking up the liquid in the pot after a short while.

Ways to reuse the mushy rice

Fried rice

Make fried rice if your rice isn't too stale. Before separating the grains to drain excess starch, drain the rice to remove excess water (if necessary), and then run it under cold water. After rinsing, roast your rice in a seasoned wok or pan on the stovetop with oil over high heat. Once the rice has started to get a little crispy, remove it from the pan. Next, stir-fry your preferred protein and vegetables separately before combining everything

Fried rice/ unsplash.com

Rice pudding

Your rice is great for making a dessert because it has too much moisture. Rice pudding, or Arroz con Leche in Mexican cuisine, is made by turning plain rice into a sweet delicacy by adding milk, vanilla, and sugar to taste. Then prepare a fresh pot with lower water to rice ratio for your side dish or rice dish.


By adding more water, you can transform your mushy rice into a more adaptable Chinese congee or Japanese okayu that you can eat whenever you choose.