Egg Fried Rice: A Favourite Dish In Every Household
Image Credit: Egg Fried Rice

The most frequent Asian dish we prepare at home is fried rice. Making it is simple and only requires cooking rice with French beans, carrots, and peppers. It is a tasty dish because of the vinegar and soy sauce seasoning. Regular fried rice is a straightforward meal that is made in almost every home. However, egg fried rice is a little different and, in its straightforward preparation without the addition of seasonings, emphasises the flavour of eggs (a lot of eggs). Why? In this case, the egg is the hero.

Despite how common it may be in other nations, fried rice is not a common dish prepared at home in China. It is a strange cuisine that doesn't fit with the way people typically eat. The majority of people use rice as a substrate for vegetables and meat. Few foods are as pure and plain as a bowl of rice, cooked as it is even without salt. The Chinese want their rice plain, steamed, white, and fluffy. The flavorful vegetable and meat dishes that go with it stand in stark contrast to the blandness of the rice. 

The cook aims for a balance between the bland fan and stronger tasting cai in the vital family evening meal. However, that equilibrium differs depending on resources. A wealthy landlord would typically consume a bowl or two of rice along with as many cai dishes as he pleased. On the other hand, the labouring peasant would have to be content with two or three bowls of fan and a little cai. Making this egg fried rice is a terrific way to use up leftover rice. Eggs, veggies, and Chinese sauces are added to the quick fried rice during cooking. 

Egg Fried Rice

One of the most popular food choices worldwide is eggs. They are not only nutritious and all-natural, but also very adaptable. Eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways, including omelettes, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and more. For lunch or dinner, you can also make egg curries, egg bhurji, or egg parathas. It is a simple, quick, and healthy eating alternative that can easily allay all of your meal-related concerns. Eggs are brimming with beneficial health-promoting elements such vital fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Nobody would object to making scrambled eggs when it comes to egg recipes. A tasty meal that’s ideal for breakfast, brunch, or lunch that’s quick to make. 

Here’s how you can make Egg Fried Rice at home.


    Swiftly scramble eggs in hot oil in a wok.

    Sprinkle salt and pepper.

    Remove it to a bowl, add oil, ginger, and garlic, and sauté it until the raw scent has vanished.

    Mix in the rice, soy sauce, white spring onions, and chilli flakes.

    Add the scrambled egg, salt, and combine well right away.

    Turn off the flame and then stir in the vinegar and green spring onions.

    Your Egg Fried Rice is ready to be served.