How To Make Sandwich: 5 Veg Sandwiches You Have To Try Today

Each time my mother expresses her doubts about my questionable cooking skills, I assure her that as long as I can fix myself a good sandwich, I would be fine. A sandwich is perhaps the first thing you ever learnt to put together in a kitchen. Who are we kidding, you do not even need to be present in the kitchen to make a sandwich, you could do it any corner of your house. All you need are two slices of desired bread and the stuffing. The permutation and combination of various breads and stuffing is what makes sandwiches unique and special. Whether you are making an Italian B.L.T or an American Club sandwich, you need to be very mindful of every aspect of sandwich, from top to bottom, to ensure you obtain the best of flavour and texture. The room to experiment is massive, so is the scope of error. Here are some tips that always prove effective for us.

How To Make Sandwich: Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Moisture is key

Sandwich spreads don’t just add flavour to your sandwich, but also moisten the bread, which is crucial for a sandwich, the slices of bread, toasted, grilled or plain bread cannot seem like a misfit due to their texture.  

2. Be Creative

Do not be stingy with the spread, spread it out to the corners. Be mindful of the portion you do not have to add heaps and heaps of it, this will only make your bread soggy. Be creative with your choices of spread, there is a world of spreads and smears beyond mayonnaise, think mint chutney, pesto, bbq sauces, salsa etc.

3. Know Your Breads

Keep filling with more moisture for crispier or toasted breads like tortilla, and slightly drier filling for softer breads, like white bread.

4. How To Deal With Wet Ingredients

If you think your sandwich turns soggy very soon, try adding ingredients that ooze water, like tomato, onions, cucumber etc, towards the end or just when you are about to eat the sandwich, do not stack them all on top of each other, they will definitely lead to a soggy mess. Using toasted or grilled bread, also helps take care of this situation well.  

How To Make Sandwich: Veg Sandwich Recipe Ideas

As we discussed before, sandwiches are of many kinds. But more often than not, the most indulgent ones are associated with all things meaty. Guess what, even your vegetarian sandwiches can be every bit decadent. Here’s proof.

1. Bombay Grilled Sandwich: Mint Chutney, masala, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese slice et al, make this sandwich an easy-peasy affair.

2. Avocado Sandwich: Quick sandwich comprising goodness of avocados, veggies, sweet corn, mild spices and green chillies.

3. Vegetarian club sandwich: Multigrain toasted bread, watercress, marinated tempeh, tomatoes, avocadoes, white beans, garlic and more come together to make this mammoth, veg club sandwich that you cannot refuse under any circumstance.

4. Dahi Sandwich: Quintessentially desi and wise. This sandwich is an excellent way to use up the extra yogurt in your fridge. Use it as a spread, and you will forget mayonnaise. Dhaniya, bell peppers, tomatoes, green chillies uplift the wholesome quotient of the sandwich.

5. Chickpea Salad Sandwich: Mashed chickpea salad made with vegan mayo, Dijon mustard, red onions, parsley, lettuce etc inside a gluten-free bun. Slurrp much?