How To Make Oats: 4 Oats-Rich Desserts That You Can Try
Image Credit: From halwa to kheer, you can make everything with oats.

The past two years have been tough on our physical and mental health, thanks to the fear of the pandemic looming large. A lot of us began with a good routine for work, food, sleep and workout. However, after a few months, we found it difficult to bear the sight of the four walls of our house and thus, started losing motivation to keep up. To get back on track, many of us even made a new year resolution as we stepped into 2022. Topping that list is eating healthy, exercising more and reducing body weight. But have we been diligently following that? It’s hard to tell.  

This year, my friend started with a new diet regime where she began to cut down on carbs and processed sugar. Festivals came and went but she resisted the sight of those tempting laddoos and barfis. Well, she had a strong willpower until she saw a jar of chocolate mousse in the refrigerator and forgot all about her goals. Eating sugar or desserts is often viewed in a negative light, which actually shouldn’t be the case. Anything is good to eat as long as it is in moderation. While having a conversation with her, I realised that there are so many ways in which we can give our desserts a healthy makeover.  

Just by substituting one ingredient for another, the ball comes back into our court. One such superfood is oats. They are considered to be way more healthy and filling than cornflakes and a great way to kickstart your mornings. Overnight soaked oats, you must have heard, provide us with lots of nutrients and are packed with loads of energy to help us survive the day. Eating them in a bowl of milk might get boring after a point. How about we pair the oats with some lip-smacking desserts?  

It would solve the twin-purpose of consuming oats as well as satiating the sweet tooth. Here are some decadent sweetmeat recipes that make use of oats.  

1.   Mango Oats Kulfi  

The creamy and smooth Indian version of ice cream, kulfi can be healthy too. If you don’t believe us, you definitely have to try this mango oats kulfi. Flavoured with the goodness of mango puree which gives it a bright orange colour, the kulfi is sweetened with natural agents like honey and jaggery. Adding oats to the mixture gives the kulfi a sturdy and thick base. 

2.   Apple Oats Phirni  

Phirni is a thick and creamy milk-based dessert that is popular across Punjab. This is a chilled dessert that is prepared on festive occasions. You can revamp your phirni with coarsely powdered rolled oats. Giving the phirni a fruity flavour, apples are added to the mixture and then it is set aside to chill. Garnish with chopped almonds and scoop up a big bite.  

3.   Oats Halwa  

Halwa is one of the most classic desserts prepared in Indian households. The rolled up oats are substituted for sooji and atta and form the core of the halwa. This thick pudding is filled with pumpkin seeds, green cardamom powder and nuts like almonds and cashews. Natural sweeteners like jaggery are used for making the dessert.  

4.   Oats Kheer  

A rich and creamy milk pudding, kheer is another classic Indian sweet dish that can be served warm or cold. Usually made with rice or vermicelli, this kheer is made with the goodness of rolled oats that are dunked in milk along with crunchy nuts and dry fruits.