How To Make Egg Curry; 5 Regional Egg Curries Of India You Must Try

If you are an egg lover who can have eggs any time of the day, welcome to the club. Be it egg omelette in breakfast, egg fried rice in lunch and egg curry for dinner, I personally can have it all in a day. The sheer versatility of eggs impresses me to no end. And how easy it is to cook egg in all its forms. Moreover, it is also super comforting. While we may have countless egg recipes, but when it comes to the mains, egg curry is one of the most popular delicacies of all times. Boiled or fried eggs, dunked in tomato-onion gravy, egg curry is a meal that one can put together in no time. So no matter if it’s a lazy day or a super busy one, you can toss in eggs even in a leftover gravy for a quick meal. When paired with rice or roti or paratha, egg curry makes for a delightful lunch or dinner. Moreover, there is still enough room for experiment.

You can always scale up the flavours and spiciness of the dish with a few spices or even add-in some green chillies and tons of red chilli powder. In south India, people also throw in a south Indian-style tadka all over it. Egg curry is made differently in different regions and if you are looking to experiment a little, we have got you sorted. Here are 5 different egg curry recipes you can try at home for your next comfort meal. 

1. Goan Egg Curry 

Goan egg curry is all about whole spices such as peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, poppy seeds and cinnamon cooked with boiled eggs and coconut in red oil. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? 

2. Chettinad Egg Curry 

Chettinad cuisine of Tamil Nadu is known to be one of the spiciest in India, and this egg curry is no less. With a generous use of Kashmiri red chilli powder, dry red chilli and a host of other spices and herbs, cooked with egg in mustard seeds and coconut, this is an irresistible treat. 

3. Nanjil Egg Curry 

This Tamil Nadu-style egg curry is cooked in sesame oil along with kalpasi, bay leaves, curry leaves, onion, tomato, fennel seeds and coconut. The addition of cashewnuts lend a creamy texture to the dish. 

4. Bengali Egg Curry 

This Bengali egg curry has an addition of potato to the masalas and I think the combination of eggs and potatoes make it a wholesome affair, perfect for a lavish meal. 

5. Gongura Egg Curry 

Commonly known as ‘guddu’, Gongura egg curry is a fiery affair complete with sorrel leaves, green chillies and red chilli powder along with a host of spices and herbs slathered onto the eggs.