How To Make Egg Curry; 4 South-Indian Egg Curries That Are Totally Delish
Image Credit: From Chettinad egg curry to Kerala style egg curry, these South Indian flavours blend really well in the curry.

On days when I’m craving for something tasty, I usually want a meat dish. My mother is a brilliant cook and she is always trying her hands on something new. Be it the Kolhapuri chicken curry, shahi qorma or laal maas, she enjoys the process of testing the flavours of different parts of the country. Being a Punjabi, butter chicken is like a piece of our hearts. We would pick butter chicken any day over some other curry but I’m more of the experimental kind, like my mother. When I can’t find frozen chicken or meat in the freezer, it is time to resort to eggs. 

Honestly, eggs are quite easy to work with and blend really well with everything. They are filling and a great source of protein too. With so many advantages of eggs, how can we not dunk them in our favourite curries? Egg curry is a sort of a quick-fix because you may not have a host of ingredients available in your kitchen every time but the egg curry isn’t that much of a hassle. All you need is some eggs and a few basic spices. Pair the egg curry with roti or rice and you have a wholesome meal ready in a jiffy. My mother usually makes the egg curry in a tomato-onion based gravy and dunks in some diced potatoes in it too. 

While North Indians have their own methods of preparing the egg curry, South Indians are not far behind too. They’ve got a variety of ways to spruce up the eggs into a delicious main dish. Here are some of them that you can try at home. 

1.  Chettinad Egg Curry 

Based in a tomato and onion gravy, flavoured with ginger-garlic paste, the egg curry does full justice to the extremely spicy reputation of Chettinad cuisine. The eggs are cooked in vegetable oil and the curry has the essence of mustard seeds and curry leaves for the South Indian touch. The outcome is a thick and luscious egg curry, ready to be devoured with some steamed rice or roti. 

2.  Kerala Egg Curry 

This one looks and tastes very different from the regular egg curries we are used to up North. The vibrant red hue is replaced by the bright yellow-coloured gravy, all thanks to the use of yellow onions. Cooked in unsweetened coconut milk, the eggs are doused in a rich and creamy curry. Garnish it with some parsley and green chillies and pour it over hot rice. 

3.  Andhra Egg Curry 

Yet another flavourful curry from South India, this Andhra-style egg curry is not for the faint-hearted. Full of spices and chillies, the eggs are dunked in a dark red curry made from tomatoes and onions and seasoned with ginger-garlic paste. 

4.  Gongura Egg Curry 

Colloquially known as guddu, this thick and mildly-spicy curry is quite a delight. Sorrel leaves and curry leaves lend the dish a dark brown colour and a distinct taste. Eggs are tossed in this thick curry and eaten with rice and rotis.