How To Make Curd: 2 Ways To Set Curd At Home Fuss-Free

Curd is one such ubiquitous ingredient that's one of the hot favourite in Indian cuisine. From marinades to chutneys to raita, the use of curd is much evident. 

At my home, no matter what day and time it is, you are sure to find a big bowl of curd sitting in the fridge. During summers, chaas is our mid-day snack ritual. Ever since I have started following a healthy diet, curd along with raisins has become my favourite snack. Most of the time we do the card at home but there are times I found it really difficult to set curd in my PG. And the habit of indulging in home-set curd made me hate the store-bought one. So, to make my job easier, I started scrounging through the internet for ways to set curd without a starter. If you are facing the same problem, then here are two ways of setting curd without a starter.

1. With Raisins

I came across this technique for the first time in the summer of 2021 when nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar posted about this method for a healthy mid-day meal on her youtube channel. To make curd with raisins, take a bowl of fresh, full fat and warm milk and add 4-5 black raisins to it. Next, add a drop of curd to it and stir multiple times. Cover the milk for 8-10 hours and voila!

2. With Green Chillies

For making curd with green chillies, start by heating the milk till it’s lukewarm. Once the milk is ready, add 3-4 green chillies with their stalks on such that they are immersed in the milk completely. Cover the milk for 10-12 hours and your curd starter is ready. Add two tablespoons of this starter to a liter of milk to make curd at home.

We hope we have made your job easy with these two easy ways of setting curd at home. Do try these hacks and let us know if they worked for you.