How To Make Chapati On Earthen Griddle: 4 Things To Keep In Mind
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When cooked in an earthen vessel, the benefits of food increase manifold. And according to Ayurveda, the more efficiently food is cooked, the more delicious and healthier it is. Unfortunately, however, today’s new cooking technology has made many forget these age-old practices. Thus, it probably wouldn’t be wrong to say that earthen-pot cooking is no less than a fairytale now. 

But there is hope after all. A bunch of new-age people are adopting the old cooking techniques. They make rotis on an earthen griddle while serving and eating them in clay utensils. These days, high-quality clay pots are readily available in the market; you can also easily buy them online.

Keep These Four Things In Mind While Cooking In An Earthen Griddle

  1. Put the earthen griddle on the stove 10 minutes before making chapatis. Heat the clay tawa on low flame only, as it crackles on high flame.
  2. The roti gets simmered on the earthen griddle. So, it would help if you never cooked it in a hurry.
  3. Do not use water to cool the pan after chapatis are made.
  4. Do not clean it with soap or water; use a clean cloth instead.

Benefits Of Making Chapatis On The Earthen Griddle

  1. The chapatis are slowly roasted on an earthen griddle retaining all the nutrients. According to Ayurveda, the more comfortably you cook food to eat, the more beneficial it’s for your health.
  2. The earthen griddle takes time to heat up, and once it's hot, it does not burn while baking chapati on it. Moreover, the rotis do not even spoil for a long time.
  3. Do you know that the earthy taste of roti increases your appetite? Cooking food in earthen utensils also increases your power to fight diseases.
  4. Research reveals that the flour absorbs the nutrients from the earthen griddle, giving you wholesome benefits from chapatis.