How To Lose Weight In Monsoon? Diet Tips You’d Thank Us For
Image Credit: Shutterstock

The sound of rain clattering on your misty car windows, a soothing playlist, and some momos that you have gotten packed for the way. Sounds like an ideal monsoon evening, right? The pitter-patter can instantly fuel our cravings for all things fried, crispy and unhealthy. But we all know the impact it has on our waistline, right? Unfortunately, winter is quite far for you to hide all that weight inside your baggy sweatshirts, so you better buck up. Working out and eating right does not need to be as dreadful as it sounds, here are some easy ways in which you can maintain your weight during this lovely weather.

Bhutta To The Rescue

There’s something about a roasted corn cob that screams monsoon indulgence. Since Bhutta is roasted and not fried, it is an ideal, weight-loss-friendly snack as it is not laden in calories. Rub it with lemon juice, but it is advised that you do not add too much salt to the cob.  

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a must, with the dip in temperature, you may not feel thirsty as often, but staying hydrated is very important for metabolism. So keep drinking water, at least 8 glasses a day is highly recommended.  

Keep Detoxing

Detoxing is the process where you give your body a break to rejuvenate and reboot. Drink herbal tea, adrak chai is a monsoon staple, so don’t be shy in adding these healing herbs to your tea, but steer clear of sugar.  

Eat Lots Of Seasonal Fruits

‘Tis the season of many delicious fruits like litchi and jamun. Munch on these as and when you find time for your daily dose of antioxidants and fibre. Fibre helps make you feel full, the fuller you feel, the more distance you keep from fatty, salty snacks.  

Have Lots Of Soups

Wholesome, nourishing and warm soups are our weaknesses in monsoon. Just sitting all curled up with our bowl of hot chicken soup is enough to make us smile. Only thing you need to remember is to choose clear soups, in place of creamy ones. Add loads of vegetables to make it high on fibre, more the fibre, more your chances are to lose weight.  

Keep Your Plate Size Small

Yes, it is time you start frying heaps of pakodas and serve them all on one large plate. You tend to lose track of the number of pakodas you tuck into, and ultimately it starts showing. Bring your own plate, preferably of a smaller size, and eat in moderation. Food gets scattered on large plates, tricking you into believing that you haven't had enough.