Working From Home? Here Are Some Tips To Get Perfect Body Shape
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Everyone wants a perfect body shape. While some sweat it out in the gym, some go miles on a walk or a jog. But now, due to COVID-19, when you can’t go out much, eating healthy is perhaps the only and critical option left. Home yoga and workout at home are options to lead you to your desired body. And we know how tough it can be to exercise in a busy routine amid work from home culture! So we’ve got some quick tips to follow at home that might be better to spend hours in the gym.  

Easy ways to build a perfect body shape 

Diet plan

Our diet has the most significant impact on fitness. Exclude harmful fats from your foods and include a nutritious diet of protein, vitamins, and fibre. Include low-calorie foods in your diet and avoid eating greasy, oily and fried food. Eat dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese and other low-fat products of milk and cream in a balanced amount. For non-vegetarians, baked or grilled chicken with no oil can be an excellent high-protein option since it is lean meat. 

Exercise and yoga 

With regular exercise and power yoga, your body can be healthy and fit. Do not eat anything at least 1 hour before and after a workout because blood circulation and blood glucose increase during this time. Exercises like push-ups, triceps, dips, power lunges, abdominal crunch, and the back extension will help keep you fit. Be sure to consult a fitness trainer before doing yoga and exercise. 

Other ways to keep your body in shape 

  1. Drink lots of water; regular 10-12 glasses of water should be consumed daily. 
  2. Dancing also reduces weight and keeps the body fit! Hence, you can keep yourself fit by swaying to your favourite tune. 
  3. Quit smoking. Smoking affects the body and can also cause dangerous diseases like lung cancer. 
  4. Perfect sleep is essential for the ideal body; sleep for at least seven hours. 
  5. Don't forget to have breakfast in the morning, the first meal after 7-8 hours; breakfast gives us the energy for an entire day, or at least until lunch.  

Takeaway Tip: Positive thinking and a set routine are essential for fitness; stay away from stress. Make a diet routine and follow it regularly.