Khakhra Vs Fafda: How These Gujarati Snacks Are Different From Each Other?
Image Credit: Khakhra Vs Fafda

Gujarat is renowned for its culture as well as its food. Do you know that the delicious Gujarati snacks are famous all over the world? Some of the worldwide favourite Gujarati snacks are chakri, khakhra, khandvi, dhokla, fafda and namkeen sev. Do you know they can be carried anywhere? Yes, they are not only handy but also delicious. But do you know when the dilemma occurs? When the people of the non-Gujarati community go to buy these snacks. The almost identical names of these gujju bites confuse a lot; moreover, the texture and colour of these handy snacks are nearly the same. For example, if we talk about Khakhra and Fafda, they seem to be the same. But they are entirely different in taste and texture. If you also have difficulty identifying khakhra and fafda, we will solve this puzzle for you today. 

  • What is the difference between their ingredients? The most significant difference between khakhra and fafda is the material used. Traditionally, khakhra is prepared from flour, while gram flour is used in fafda. This is where the taste of the two diverges. In addition, there are many flavours in khakhra, whereas fafda is available in only one flavour. 
  • How are their recipes different? The preparation of these two is also different. Meanwhile, khakhra is kneaded with milk, water and oil and rolled like roti. At the same time, fafda dough is kneaded only with water and is made like long strips and deep-fried. 

  • How do they differ in size and shape? Their colour and size are also different. Khakhra is baked and looks similar to a chapati with an off-white colour. On the other hand, the fafda is in the shape of a cylinder with yellow colour. 
  • How is their taste different? Both are different in taste as well. For example, Khakhra has fenugreek, cumin, bajra, mint, garlic and ajwain; meanwhile, fafda does not have many flavours.