How Is Makhana Made? Viral Video Leaves The Internet Divided
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Wholesome, healthy, and absolutely delicious, makhanas is an Indian snack that is more versatile than most other snacks. You can roast it for that unique crunch, mix it with masalas for an incredibly yummy snack, toss it into a curry, or even make a dessert with it. We bet you can’t do the same with any other snack. On top of it makhanas, also called fox nuts or lotus seeds, are also quite affordable, easily available, and easy to cook. And did we tell you how exceptionally healthy makhanas are?  

Used in Chinese medicine for 3,000 years, fox nuts also find prominence in Ayurveda. Low in cholesterol and sodium, makhanas are ideal for your hunger pangs, as they do not contribute to weight gain. They are also recommended for diabetics, due to their low glycemic index. Besides, they are low in calories, rich in protein, making them an absolute favourite of weight watchers.

While makhanas are a mainstay in many homes across the world, have you ever wondered where do these small treats come from? No, they don’t grow on trees, but you’ll be surprised at how the task of harvesting makhanas is a tedious method. A video showing the same has gone viral, leaving the internet surprised. 

In a video uploaded by food vlogger @foodieincarnate, one can see the whole process. For the unversed, the seeds of makhanas are grown on a leaf. In the video, we can see how the farmers gather those seeds and clean them in water in a rigorously long process. The seeds are extracted and cleaned in a mud-filled pond. Later in the clip, they are also seen stomping on the seeds as part of the process. The seeds are then sun-dried. After that, they are put over a high flame, so that the black shells break and a white puff emerges. The process of cleaning the seeds, where the farmers use their feet to stomp and clean in a muddy pond, has left the internet divided, as concerns about hygiene are being raised. Take a look at the video here:  

This video has gone viral (viewed over 1 million times) with more than 63k likes and several comments. One section of users discussed how this has made them averse to makhanas, and wrote comments like, “Never going to eat them again”. Another user said, “After watching this, I can’t eat them. Before this, I would have eaten them without thinking”, while one comment read, “Isn’t this an unhygienic process of making makhanas?” 

Meanwhile, another section of people praised the hard work that goes into the process. One user wrote, “Hats off to you farmers. Salute and thank you for our favourite healthy snack”, while another user wrote, “So much hard work for these fox nuts. Salute to those hardworking men”. A third user added, “No wonder it is so expensive. So much hard work, but I hope these people get a good amount for their work.” What is your take on the viral video? Let us know.