How About Some Healthy Parfait For Breakfast?
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Breakfast parfait

Parfaits is a dish which sure makes the mouth water. The very name rings a bell in our minds and our sweet tooth and all our sweet cravings are activated at once. Now we cannot go all the way to France to enjoy this delicacy, but surely, we can bring the recipe of the dish and enjoy it with our family. It is a very easy recipe and will take just around 15 minutes to prepare.

The Parfait originated in France. The dish is made of boiling cream, eggs, sugar, and syrup. It comes out like a custard-like puree, once made. The Americans have added their own ingredients to the dish like granola, nuts, yoghurt, and liqueurs. It is usually topped with fresh fruits or cream.

Now, let us come to the ingredients of the dish, the Blueberry, and Dark Chocolate Parfait. 


    1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries

    4 tbsps chia seeds

    1 cup vanilla almond milk

    2 tbsps cocoa powder

    1 tbsp agave

    ½ a banana

    1 container of yoghurt

    Shaved dark chocolate

    Almond slices

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1.    In order to make the Blueberry and Dark Chocolate Parfait, we will have to take a jar. In this jar add ¼ cup of blueberries. 

2.    Next, take a bowl of medium size and add chia seeds, almond milk, cocoa, and agave. 

3.    Mix it together and set it aside for 15 minutes. Put this over the layer of blueberries in the jar. This becomes our second layer. 

4.    Next, we have to quickly make preparations for the third layer. For this, we will take once again ¼ cup of blueberries, banana, and yoghurt. 

5.    We will put them all in a blender/mixer grinder and mix them well to form a smoothie. 

6.    Above the chia seed layer in the jar, goes in the smoothie that we prepared. 

7.    After all this, we garnish our super tasty and healthy drink with some blueberries, dark chocolate, and almonds. 

8.    If we have more dry fruits, like raisins or cashew nuts, they go in too. These will make the dish even more flavourful and healthy. 

So, this is basically a dish that is prepared and served in layers. We have to make sure that we add the right amount of ingredients and layer it well, so as not to spoil the different flavours of the food. Here we are, a healthy, tasty and super quick drink is ready. It looks amazing with all those colourful fruits added to it. This is perfect for the hot summer season. 

We bet it will be fun to make and will be relished by all in the family. Serve it to guests and they will be left asking for more. This drink goes really well with Indian food too. Imagine serving a paratha with the Blueberry and Dark Chocolate Parfait. Be sure to impress, with the dish and experience French flavours, while sitting in the comfort of the living room. 

And just like we said at the start, we may not be able to fly to France but surely, we can surely add this delicacy to our Indian platter.