Our collective love for desserts truly brings us together despite our ethnic and regional differences, don't you think? Each one of us wait for a delightful ending for a delightful meal. Sweets work as a spectacular finishing touch to our great meal experience. Indian desserts never fail to impress us with their layers of flavours, and when it is fused with desserts of other cuisines, it simply becomes too hard to resist. French cuisine has some of the best desserts in the whole world, with desserts like creme brulee, crepe suzette, eclair, tart, macaron, mendiant, profiterole, praline et al to its credit. When we come to think about it French desserts are quite similar to Indian ones. In both the cuisines, desserts are mostly prepared, by boiling milk, sugar and syrup, giving it a proper consistency. 

Therefore, we bring you the recipe of motichoor rabri parfait which is an ultimate fusion dessert you deserve today. This medley of sweet treats will satiate you to bits. Motichoor is a delish melt-in-the-mouth ladoo which is made with petite sugary balls or boondi, while rabri is a sweetened condensed-milk-based dessert which is prepared in the same way as the parfait. The only difference is that in the latter- cream is boiled for a longer time. You can give this heavenly combination of sweets a try. We don’t think anything could go wrong with this sweet delight. Here’s the recipe for motichoor rabri parfait that you can make at home.


  • 6-7 motichoor ladoo, crumbled
  • 1½ litre full cream milk
  • 2 tsp cardamom powder
  • 3 tbsp sugar or as required


  • Handful of dry fruits (chopped almonds and pistachios)


1. In a heavy bottom pan boil milk over medium flame. When it comes to a boil, lower the flame and let it boil until it is reduced to half.

2. Remember to stir the milk in regular intervals.

3. After that add sugar and cardamom into the pan. Let it boil again until it is thickened, and almost reduced to a quarter of its original quantity. Switch off the flame and keep it aside.

4. In a glass add the crumbled motichoor ladoo and press them with a spoon to make a layer.

5. Then pour the prepared milk concoction into the glass. Before pouring it, you can also blitz the concoction to give it a smooth texture.

6. Garnish it with dry fruits and refrigerate it for 1-2 hours, before gorging upon them.

Enjoy this exquisite fusion of motichoor rabri parfait.