House Party? These Desi Snacks Are At Your Rescue
Image Credit: Pav bhaji is an easy to make party snack | Freepik

House parties are always fun. They are an excuse to socialize with near and dear ones, friends, family and even meet new people. A good house party has a friendly vibe, nice drinks, good company and of course, amazing food. But that very part is the trickiest to get right – the food. People feel like they would either have to compromise on food or on having fun, because cooking tiring meals will guarantee that you are too exhausted to actually have fun at your own party. 

When it comes down to choosing the menu, most people either make an elaborate one or a rather boring one with frozen, processed food. But we are here to tell you that functioning at extremes is not always the best option. You can actually curate a great, filling and delicious menu by just making some desi snacks that are either very quick to cook or can be made well in advance and stored for days. Let us look at these desi snack items that you can serve at your next house party.

Jhal muri

This Bengali snack is super easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser. All you have to do is add mustard oil, chopped onions, tomatoes, chillies and spices to puffed rice, along with some namkeen and your perfect party snack is ready to serve.

Bombay sandwich 

Desi sandwiches are the easiest to make and tastiest to eat. A good bombay sandwich only requires regular bread, some spicy mashed potatoes, sev and green chutney. Toast them with butter and serve the yummiest sandwiches.

Bombay sandwich | Freepik

The ultimate party food, the crown of every gathering and the unanimously selected favourite starter – samosas are very easy to make for parties. Just make sure you make mini samosas, so they take up less oil and even less time to cook.

Moong dal fry 

This simple snack is something you tend to buy from the market. But the most delicious version is when you roast moong dal at home and add spices according to your taste. This not only serves as a great snack alongside some cold drink, you can also store it for a long period. 

Dahi bhalle 

Yes, yes. We hear you! It is not an easy or quick dish to make. But that is with the traditional version. Try the instant bread dahi bhalla, which takes 10 minutes to assemble and you have a dish that will impress your guests without putting any extra load on you.

Pav bhaji 

This dish, the favourite dish of Mumbai, is effortlessly delicious. Just boil, mash and cook your favourite vegetables the night before and toast the pao with butter on the D-day and you have a snack that kids and adults enjoy alike.

Aloo chaat 

Any type of chaat is always a great option at any party, but there is something about a simple, spicy-sweet-tangy aloo chaat that makes it the best option for a party. Just boil some potatoes and add chopped onions, mix spices, tamarind chutney and top it with loads of dahi.

These are some of the best party snacks that you can make, serve and eat at your next house party. These dishes cater for all age groups and, as always, great food makes a good party great.