Homemade Peppermint Punch To Jazz Up Your Evening Parties
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Infused with the enriching flavours of crushed peppermint candy and peppermint extract plus soda, peppermint punch is a delightfully frothy and delicious beverage. A festive favourite, this drink is typically relished around Christmastime, with peppermint candy’s red and white appearance forever binding the confection to the merry festival. However, the sweet, smoky, and somewhat intense flavours of peppermint are quite evergreen. Therefore, the enthralling peppermint punch beverage can be enjoyed all through the year.

The herb peppermint, which is the material from which peppermint candy and peppermint extract are made, boasts several health benefits. These include helping treat headaches and aiding digestion. Thus, it’s always advantageous to consume peppermint, even if it’s in the form of peppermint punch. In addition to boosting health, the effervescent drink also serves as a showstopper at parties. Its creamy and succulent taste and texture are relished by both kids and adults alike.

This article will examine two ways of making peppermint punch. First, check out how to make adult-friendly classic peppermint punch.

How To Craft Classic Peppermint Punch

A deeply comforting and delicious drink, peppermint punch is a fixture during parties as it helps add a cozy vibe to the festivities. Begin to craft this irresistible concoction by readying your equipment. Take out trendy punch glasses and slightly moisten their edges. Subsequently, coat the glass edges in crushed peppermint candy to lend them a whimsical and an appealing visual appearance.

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Next, combine half a gallon of peppermint ice cream, a litre of cold club soda, and four cups of eggnog in a serving bowl. Once combined to a satisfactory degree, empty the creamy and mouthwatering contents of the bowl into the peppermint candy-rimmed glasses. Just like that, in a few simple steps, your homemade classic peppermint punch is ready! Add a touch of refinement to the drink by topping it off with a splash of peppermint schnapps or peppermint liqueur.

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The above recipe largely centres adults who consume alcohol and dairy products. But parties should be inclusive, and even children and vegan guests should be able to indulge in the enchanting peppermint punch beverage. For such guests, here’s a vegan and a non-alcoholic peppermint punch recipe.  

How To Make Vegan And Alcohol-Free Peppermint Punch

To craft vegan, non-alcoholic, and dairy-free peppermint punch, it’s recommended to choose plant-based peppermint candies or other close alternatives; on the off-chance that organic peppermint candies aren’t available, it’s best to skip the confections. Similarly, substitute peppermint ice cream with dairy-free, vegan ice creams, such as almond ice cream or coconut milk ice cream. Ensure that these ice creams have been made significantly tender before using them to simplify the process of blending.

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Instead of eggnog, use a non-dairy substitute like almond or coconut milk eggnog. Also, choose a non-alcoholic club soda to lend the drink its signature froth and bubbliness. Mix the aforementioned plant-based ingredients thoroughly in a punch bowl. Transfer the luxurious and velvety punch concoction to punch glasses and savour a healthier and an organic version of the iconic drink. Although this version deviates from the classic recipe, the resulting punch is equally tasty and satisfying.