5 Creamy Peppermint Cocktails For A Boozy Evening

In the world of mixology, there are no boundaries on doing experiments. From your favourite margarita to exotic negroni, many mixed drinks that you are enjoying today were invented by accident. Besides liquors, syrups and fruit juices, herbs also play a vital role in infusing flavours into the cocktails. 

Speaking particularly about peppermint, this herb has a refreshing taste and goes well with all kinds of drinks. But have you ever tried mixing it with cream? Though the combination might seem to be unusual, it can give you a luscious drink infused with an amazing contrast of flavours. You can enjoy the essence of dessert and booze in one go. 

Peppermint White Russian 

Made with vodka, fresh cream and coffee liqueur, white Russian is a classic drink that is suitable for every festive occasion. But infusing it with the peppermint notes can give you a burst of herb-y flavour. This variation of the iconic drink is made by shaking peppermint schnapps with coffee liqueur, vodka and then topping it with desired amount of homemade cream. Garnish the drink with peppermint sprigs before serving. 

Peppermint Cream Martini 

This rich and luscious cocktail not only serves as an amazing post-dinner drink but also can be enjoyed during brunch. Made with vanilla vodka, peppermint schnapps, rum and fresh cream, it has a smooth and velvety taste and texture. You can also add simple syrup to the recipe for an extra sweetness. It is best served in a martini glass with its rim coated with crushed peppermint candies. 

Pink Peppermint Cocktail 

Ideal for themed birthday parties, this festive drink just requires very few ingredients but gives an extremely exiting flavour. To prepare the drink, all you need to do is combine vodka, creme de cacao, simple syrup and cream in a cocktail shaker, pour it into a glass and serve it with peppermint sprigs. For the best result, use vanilla-flavoured simple syrup. 

Peppermint Mocha Cocktail

If you are a true fan of caffeinated cocktails, then do try this interesting mixed drink at your next house party. Made with peppermint-infused mocha, vodka, chocolate syrup and cream, it has an indulgent dessert-y taste. You can also use heavy cream in the recipe for an extra luscious texture. 

Peppermint Eggnog Cocktail 

Who said eggnog can only be a holiday drink? Made with eggs, milk, cream, vanilla and spices, it can be an amazing addition to the menu for dinner parties in every season. But if you want to elevate your drinking experience, give your regular eggnog a punch of cool and refreshing flavour by adding peppermint syrup to the recipe. Garnish it with peppermint leaves before serving.