Holi 2022: Make Your Loved Ones Feel Happy With These Nutritive Bites
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Colourful water cannons and balloons are loaded and ready to strike its next possible target; faces splattered with dazzling colours flashing white teeth; children and adults alike are running, dancing and playing, stuffing their mouth with sweets and drinks. No brownie points for guessing what all that mentioned above means. Yes, it is time for Holi! Sweets, in particular, are prepared and shared with friends and family as part of the ‘festival of colours’. It is the most vibrant and playful period of the year and is quickly approaching. And while we prepare to celebrate, we must keep in mind the toll that the celebration can have on our loved ones. So the big question is if you are a snacker or seeking a healthy gift to give to your loved ones, do you require gluten-free snacks, or are you simply seeking healthy snacks to give as gifts this holiday season? There's a healthy snack on this list for everyone, whether you're a naturalist who only eats whole foods, a foodie searching for fresh ideas, or you're looking for last-minute gifts.

Consumers shouldn't have to pick between health and taste when snacking. Listed below are some premium, better-for-you ingredients that are gentle on your body without losing quality or flavour. The objective of these food items is to bake the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritionally superior things without using artificial preservatives in small amounts by hand. The freshness of the snacks is a priority, which is why it tastes the way it does without any added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavouring. When you don't have time or don't want to spend time in the kitchen preparing something healthy, these are terrific options for you which can also be served as five tasty gifting alternatives for healthy and refreshing snacks.

  1. Chocolate, Dates And Nuts Infused Health Bars: Wellness and fitness enthusiasts would not want to miss Raya’s handcrafted date-infused health bars. The chocolate and health bars comprise natural ingredients such as molasses, maple syrup, dates, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, cocoa, amaranth seeds and coconut oil. For your celebrations, try these well-packaged sweets and treats.
  2. Almond And Blueberry Bites: These pure bites are prepared with the highest quality ingredients. They are a quick on-the-go snack that is perfect for increasing your protein intake as well as satisfying any regular sweet cravings. Try it on its own as a tasty snack when you need some afternoon/early evening fuel with your tea or coffee. They are also the best gifting option for when you're shopping at the last moment.
  3. Almond And Cranberry Bites: Energy bites are a tasty on-the-go snack with essential, natural ingredients. Consider this your remedy for a sweet craving after supper. Try it as a snack on its own when you need some afternoon/early evening fuel with your tea or coffee—the ideal present for the sweetest person in your life.
  4. Dried Dates And Almonds Bites: Eat it on its own for breakfast with your favourite milk or yoghurt and seasonal fruit, as a bowl topper or as a tasty snack right from the pack when you need some afternoon/early evening fuel with your tea or coffee. It's the ideal present for your fitness-obsessed friend.

When you're craving a snack, it's critical to select snacks that are both filling and abundant in nutrients. Consuming nutritious snacks will keep your energy levels high and keep you content and focused throughout the day. Raya's healthy and refreshing snacks will provide you with various nutritional snack options. While snacks aren't typically thought of as a healthy alternative, there aren't many goods on the market that can both satisfy your desires and act as more nutritious and healthy selections. In general, look for snacks low in added sugars and have nutritional foods such as almonds or granola, which provide additional nutrients like protein and fibre.

Most importantly, select a snack that has a portion size, flavour, and texture that will completely fulfil your cravings. High protein snacks are helpful to keep on hand for when you are hungry in between meals since they keep you full and content. While many snacks are harmful, there are lots of nutritious and portable options that you may enjoy even if you're short on time. Since no one says no to dessert, even those, who are watchful of their calorie consumption enjoy a guilt-free protein snack now and then. Sweets will entice your tastes; get them all and spoil your loved ones this Holi.