Holi 2023: Dry Snacks You Can Enjoy Even After The Festival
Image Credit: LipiKitchen/facebook

Holi is a festival of vibrant colours and delectable treats. It is celebrated during the first month of the Hindu lunisolar calendar, and the exact date is decided based on the moon cycle. Holi is a festival of joy and love where people gather and play with coloured powder and water and enjoy various foods and drinks.

From malpua to dahi bhalle, there are a variety of traditional delights that are relished during this festival. Every region has some signature dishes that are prepared on this day, along with a very popular drink called "thandai," which is often enjoyed with bhaang. There are various dry snacks as well on the list, which can be stored in containers and enjoyed even after the festival.

From namak pare to mathri, here are five Holi snacks that can be enjoyed long after the festival has ended:

Namak Pare  

Also known as nimki or nimkin, this crunchy snack is very popular in India. Made with wheat flour and a few spices like carom seeds and black pepper, these savoury bites are deep-fried in oil. It is mostly made in a diamond shape and is also prepared during Diwali. You can store it in air-tight containers for more than a month.


Is there anyone who doesn’t like gujiya? This deep-fried sweet dumpling is also known as gughara, karanji, and pedakiya in some regions. It is traditionally made with semolina or maida stuffed with a delicious mixture of sweetened khoya and dried fruits, then fried in ghee.


Mathri, also known as namak pare in Rajasthan, is a traditional Rajasthani snack. It is made with all-purpose flour and water, along with a hint of carom seeds. Also known as mathiya, mathri is usually enjoyed as a teatime snack. Make this savoury and crispy snack for Holi and enjoy it for months.


If you are from Gujarat or Maharashtra, then you have definitely tasted this disc-shaped snack. Bhakarwadi is a sweet and spicy snack that has a crispy texture. It is made with gram flour, coconut, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. Bhakarwadi can stay good for more than three months.

Shakar Pare  

Very popular in Uttar Pradesh, shakar pare is a crispy and sweet snack. It has various names like Shankarpali, Murali, Khurma, and Lakdi Mithai. Made with maida, ghee, semolina, milk, and sugar, it is also relished during festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. Most households prepare shakar pare and namak pare together to balance the sweet and savoury flavours.

Make these yummy snacks at home and have a happy and prosperous Holi.