Holi 2023: Sip 7 Festive Drinks That India Serves On Holi
Image Credit: Holi special thandai, AdobeStock

The annual Festival of Colour, Holi, is upon us. Various types of Holi have already started. Yesterday, Barsana celebrated Laddu Holi; today, it's Lathmaar Holi. But one thing that remains common is the festival's high energy demands from the celebrators. To ace it, one needs to stay hydrated. This is where Holi's special time-honoured pick-me-up of India comes into the picture. While a few of them are relished as pre-revelry drinks, others as intra and most as post-celebration beverages. From energising to giving a heady hit to replenishing vitality and adding to festive cheers, Holi can't be imagined without these traditional beverages of India. 

The nation has begun its preparations, and the spirit of celebration is in the air. Playing Holi and devouring food with loved ones is central to the festival. Whilst you may have a variety of sweet and savoury treats planned for your Holi celebration, have you given any attention to the drinks? Here are some tested recommendations, then.


Thandai is the most consumed drink at Holi. Curd is the base ingredient, and other nuts, seeds, and sweeteners are added. Most people enjoy it best when chilled and sweetened, although some prefer it without embellishments. If you want to spice things up, add some fruit to your thandai. New flavours like guava, banana, and almond thandai are available for tasting pleasure.

Kesari Milk

Kesari doodh or saffron milk drink, Image Source: AdobeStock

Another traditional Holi drink is Kesari or saffron doodh, made with milk, sugar, saffron, cardamom, pistachios, and almonds. This miraculous beverage is both nutritious and tasty, and it helps your stomach digest the excessive food you may have consumed.

Bhang Ka Sharbat

It's impossible to think of Holi without Bhang Ka Sharbat. There are a lot of upsides to moderate cannabis use. Bhang thandai, or cannabis sherbet, has been shown to have a sedative effect on the mind. Moreover, it has a fantastic flavour. The common ingredients are milk, almond powder, poppy seeds paste, sugar, fennel seeds powder, black pepper, and bhang.


Black carrot kanji, Image Source: Dreamstime

Fried urad dal or moong dal rounds are the basis for the savoury snack known as kanji vadas, which are then soaked in a spicy water bath. This typical preparation of Rajasthan and Marwar regions can win anyone's heart. The kanji is the star of the show; it's a fermented black carrot and seasoned concoction. This miraculous drink is a tasty and nutritious, low-calorie drink. Its probiotic elements make it a perfect pick for Holi, which is also transitioning from one season to the next. 


Creamy Indian lassi, Image Source: AdobeStock

Lassi, made with curd, sugar, and crushed cumin and served chilled, is another beverage that will add extra magic to your Holi celebration. You have a lot of room to play around with different flavours like strawberry, chikoo, and mango. When you've worked up a sweat playing Holi with colour powder, nothing refreshes quite like a glass of Lassi.


After enjoying Holi in the hot heat, a glass of jaljeera sounds like the perfect way to cool off. It is a perfect drink to help in digestion. Thus, often served at the beginning of a delish spread. Chill the jaljeera beverage with ice. It is prepared with cumin powder, tamarind pulp, mint leaves, jaggery, and a variety of spices. It's an easy drink to whip up in a short amount of time. Don't pass up the opportunity to sip the drink enriched with bold flavours.