Holi 2022: A Planned Lunch Menu For A Delightful Celebration

With the onset of spring, we Indians prepare ourselves for the array of festivals to be celebrated during the season. From Mahashivratri to Holi, we know the list of spring festivals is too exciting to miss. And as we are just a few days away from getting all colourful in no time, it won’t be fair for us to talk about anything else. Excited enough? Holi is one such festival and we can’t deny the fact that we love it to the core. The blooming flowers, spring breeze, bright and vibrant colours and decadent goodies make holi one of our favourite Indian festivals. However, it’s fair for a group of foodies to focus only on the food part and we get you. We are on the same page as you are. The festival brings before us the chance to enjoy decadent goodies along with making memories with our loved ones. The joy of savouring a wholesome meal with family and friends after playing holi is incomparable. Are you planning a lunch party at your home this holi? Here’s a fully-planned lunch menu for you.

1. Drinks

Refreshing drinks are a must to deal with the tiring yet fun celebrations. And can we celebrate Holi without thandai? Make some refreshing and delicious thandais to rejuvenate your guests. You can also try chaas and jaljeera to beat the heat and deal with the fatigue.

2. Appetisers

You cannot miss out on dahi bhalle, pakoras and kachoris on holi. Pair dahi bhalle with a tantalising chutney on the side and a generous sprinkle of seasonings and crunchy sev and you are good to go. For the pakoras and kachoris, serve them with chutneys, onions rings and fried green chillies.

3. Main Course

For the main course, make sure you add one rice dish - say pulao, along with some flatbreads. You can add kulchas or naans, based on your preference. Kashmiri dum aloo and paneer butter masala will go perfectly with pulao and kulchas. For non-vegetarians, mutton rogan josh and chicken changezi will deliciously compliment the other dishes.

4. Desserts

Can we Indians celebrate any festival without some lip-smacking desserts? And can we miss gujiyas when talking about holi desserts? The decadent sweet delights filled with coconut stuffing are perfect to end your lunch on a sweet note. Along with them, add one of the most moreish sweet combos savoured in the country - jalebi and rabri and watch your guests drool over it.