Holi 2022: 5 Traditional Foods To Celebrate The Festival Of Colours

Holi is just a few days away and we know you can’t keep calm anymore. The ‘festival of colours’ is an absolute favourite of most Indians. The reason? The high spirits, the occasion to unwind with some decadent foods and drinks and the unlimited fun with the colours is all we look forward to on holi. The fun-filled festival has an array of signature foods and beverages that set the mood just right for the fun and fervour. Are you someone who waits for this festival just for its signature foods and drinks? Here are five of them to try this year.

1. Gujiyas

Try telling dessert lovers to celebrate holi without gulab jamuns and they’ll start a riot. The crunchy and delicious treats are inescapable from holi celebrations. The crunchy exterior with the delicious filling is perfect to set your mood for the festival.

Soft bhalle dunked in flavourful yoghurt and topped with tantalising chutneys, dahi bhalle are ubiquitous to holi celebrations in numerous places around India. The delicious treat will give a perfect start to your holi celebrations.

3. Malpua

Indian festivals are incomplete without sweet treats, and holi is definitely patchy without malpuas. The sugary and chewy treats are a must during holi and we have got plenty of recipes for malpuas. Check them out and add them to your holi checklist now!

4. Puran Poli

Unmissable during holi celebrations in Maharashtra, puran poli is one of the best flatbreads to savour during the ‘festival of colours’. Filled with the sweet and savoury lentil mixture, puran poli is light and delicious enough to sort your holi celebrations.

5. Thandai

Holi without thandai? Can’t happen, won’t happen! There are very few Bollywood holi scenes that don’t have thandai in them and that explains the popularity of the refreshing drink in the festival. The milk-based beverage is topped with crunchy nuts and dry fruits and is perfect to quench your thirst and relieve you from the festive fatigue.