History Of Copper Utensils: The Earliest Metal Cookware
Image Credit: unsplash

We all have got advice from our elders to drink water from the copper vessel every morning as it is believed to improve digestion and heart health. Almost every Indian household has some kind of copper utensils, including bottles, plates, bowls, cooking pots, tumblers, etc. According to Healthline, copper has multiple health benefits. From improving the immune system to supporting weight loss, copper also has had great importance in Ayurveda. Even though the demand for copperware is very high in the Indian subcontinent, it was not originated here. 

The use of copper utensils started during the Mesopotamian era. The earliest evidence was discovered in the regions of Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Before being used as cookware, the metal was used to carve weapons like spearheads and arrows. According to historians, Mesopotamians were the first to use copper as a cooking utensil. Several pots, glasses, trays, pans and cutlery are found in museums and art galleries.

 In Egypt, the use of copperware started in 2700 BC. It started with the creation of water pipelines and sewage systems but later expanded to cooking vessels. Egyptian tombs are proof of how copper was considered to be a metal of importance in the history of mankind. Egyptian copper utensils include ladles, tongs, knives, plates, trays, pots, etc., and by the end of 3000 BC, copper became popular cookware throughout eastern countries mainly China, India, and Turkey. 

The history of copper is long established in India. It was the end of the 16th century when copper became a common metal in India. People started switching from clay utensils to metal, mainly copperware. Since then, copper has marked a permanent place in the kitchen of Indian households. 

Ayurveda medicine system has advocated the health benefits of copper since ancient times. The medicine system states that when water is stored in a copper vessel, it has the capacity to balance all the three doshas i.e., Vata, Kapha, and Pitta in the body. According to Sai Ayurvedic Institute, this happens because copper positively charges the water and when water is stored in a copper vessel for more than eight hours, a small quantity of copper also copper gets dissolved in it, which is beneficial for health.

Health Benefits Of Using A Copper Vessel:

According to Pharmeasy, copper has got several health benefits. From being anti-inflammatory to preventing anaemia, here are five reasons why you should start drinking water from a copper glass: 

1.    The leading health publication states that copper helps in fighting cancer cells as the metal is rich in antioxidants.

2.    Copper helps in absorbing iron from the food which further helps in reducing the risk of anaemia.

3.    As copper is said to be a natural antibiotic, water stored in a copper vessel for more than eight hours can help in preventing waterborne diseases like cholera.

4.    Copper also helps in detoxifying and cleansing the stomach which makes it an excellent remedy for indigestion and stomach infection.

5.    As the metal helps in dissolving the excess fat deposit, it can be helpful in weight loss.

Copper is an essential requirement of the human body. It helps in breaking down certain foods which later improves metabolism. There are various modern copper vessels introduced in the market as per the demand and requirement of the people like copper water dispensers and wine glasses.