Zeer Pots, Khus And More: Traditional Ways To Beat The Heat
Image Credit: (https://www.facebook.com/jdemontague). A zeer clay pot fridge.

There’s no doubt that advances in technology have made our lives easier and faster. But even before we latched on to modern gadgets and appliances, traditional methods and devices employed by people were equally scientific, if not more. From consuming seasonal food and drinks that have a cooling effect on our body to using homemade storage solutions to keep our fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time, everything was effective and in sync with nature. This, in turn, also helped people tackle the summer heat. 

These rustic remedies may not sound very sophisticated anymore, but these conventional ways of living do indicate that a rerun of the age-old methods can make our urban setup a better place to live in. Here’s a throwback to the traditional methods of staying cool in summer...

 Zeer Clay Pot Fridge

The pot-in-pot refrigerator or zeer clay pot fridge can do wonders to preserve perishable commodities, particularly fruits and vegetables. This method operates without electricity, and instead relies on the theory of evaporative cooling. The system comprises two concentric earthenware pots separated by a layer of wet sand. Many families in India still use steel replicas of zeers to preserve food items such as butter, cheese and yoghurt.


Still favoured in many households, matkas or clay pots can be used to store drinking water during the peak summer season. It is said that earthen kitchenware renders a sweet taste to the water, besides cooling it and absorbing the impurities and toxins. Readily available in all sizes, clay pots can purify up to 10 litres of water.

Herbs And Plants

Known for their natural cooling properties that can aid the relaxing processes in the body, herbs and plants can be of great use during the summer season. For instance, Yellow Dock is said to be an excellent blood cleanser and a good health tonic. The perennial herb, dandelion, is good for digestive problems, while it also helps you to stay in shape. The combination of amla and brahmi are known to give a calming effect that helps to reduce stress. Herbal tea is a natural coolant too. It helps to lower body temperature when suffering from heat stroke or even fever.  


When there is a spike in temperatures during summer, the body begins to sweat to fight the hot air around us and cool down. This leads to loss of water in the body, causing dehydration. We can counter this by raising our water intake. Not fulfilling the required quota may also cause pH imbalance, making us susceptible to many diseases, particularly stomach ailments.


Refreshing homemade khus drinks are popular during the hot summer months. But khus, which is also known as vetiver, has other other uses too. Mats made by weaving the roots of this perennial bunchgrass can help to keep the heat away when bound with cords and hung on the doorway. These organic drapes should be kept moist by spraying them with water from time to time. Apart from mitigating the passing air, these mats also give out a soothing aroma.